World at Arms for Windows Phone

Mobile publishing giant Gameloft plans to send Windows Phone and Windows 8 lots of love this year. Brothers in Arms 3 and GT Racing 2 are two of their upcoming games, with several more unannounced ones in the wings. And today they’ve just dropped another one out of the blue…

World at Arms is now available on Windows Phone, with the Windows 8 version due to follow soon. The game combines city building with strategic warfare, all in a realistic near-future military setting. Think Kingdoms & Lords but with tanks, aeroplanes, and robots. World at Arms is free to play and works on Windows Phone 8 devices with 512 MB of RAM, so anybody can get in on the military madness.

Risky business

World at Arms

In World at Arms, players will build a city from which to command their empire. Everything takes time to build, and you can also collect resources over time. We’ve all played mobile games of this nature – they’re great for checking in with throughout the day, but not everybody has the patience for them.

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World at Arms does differ from other city builders with a few cool mechanics. For one, it has 6-on-6 battles against the AI and other players. These take place across land, sea, and air and involve up to six units on each side. Time will tell whether they’re an integral part of the game or more of a forgettable diversion as in Kingdoms & Lords

The other cool feature is the ability to visit and interact with your Facebook friends. This is usually a great way to get extra resources in games like this. Apparently friends can even help each other out in battle, which should be fun.

World at Arms is a smaller-scale title from Gameloft, but their support is always great for Windows Phone. As with other post-Kingdoms & Lords Gameloft titles, this one is not Xbox-enabled. Hopefully everyone is used to that by now. City builders are really aimed at casual gamers anyway – now those people will have a fun little military game to keep them busy throughout the day.

  • World at Arms – Windows Phone 8 – 98 MB – Free – Store Link

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Thanks to Kris Joseph Elloy for the tip!