Gameloft launches World at Arms on Windows Phone 8

Mobile publishing giant Gameloft plans to send Windows Phone and Windows 8 lots of love this year. Brothers in Arms 3 and GT Racing 2 are two of their upcoming games, with several more unannounced ones in the wings. And today they’ve just dropped another one out of the blue…

World at Arms is now available on Windows Phone, with the Windows 8 version due to follow soon. The game combines city building with strategic warfare, all in a realistic near-future military setting. Think Kingdoms & Lords but with tanks, aeroplanes, and robots. World at Arms is free to play and works on Windows Phone 8 devices with 512 MB of RAM, so anybody can get in on the military madness.

Risky business

In World at Arms, players will build a city from which to command their empire. Everything takes time to build, and you can also collect resources over time. We’ve all played mobile games of this nature – they’re great for checking in with throughout the day, but not everybody has the patience for them.

World at Arms does differ from other city builders with a few cool mechanics. For one, it has 6-on-6 battles against the AI and other players. These take place across land, sea, and air and involve up to six units on each side. Time will tell whether they’re an integral part of the game or more of a forgettable diversion as in Kingdoms & Lords

The other cool feature is the ability to visit and interact with your Facebook friends. This is usually a great way to get extra resources in games like this. Apparently friends can even help each other out in battle, which should be fun.

World at Arms is a smaller-scale title from Gameloft, but their support is always great for Windows Phone. As with other post-Kingdoms & Lords Gameloft titles, this one is not Xbox-enabled. Hopefully everyone is used to that by now. City builders are really aimed at casual gamers anyway – now those people will have a fun little military game to keep them busy throughout the day.

  • World at Arms – Windows Phone 8 – 98 MB – Free – Store Link

Thanks to Kris Joseph Elloy for the tip!

Paul Acevedo is the Games Editor at Windows Central. A lifelong gamer, he has written about videogames for over 15 years and reviewed over 350 games for our site. Follow him on Twitter @PaulRAcevedo. Don’t hate. Appreciate!

  • Sweet looking game. Looking forward to playing it later tonight.
  • Obviously no XBL...
  • Yep... I find it really hard to care about games that don't bother supporting the one thing that differenciates Xbox and Windows integrated Windows Phone gaming from Apple GameCenter and Google Play Games I'd love to see a day where Microsoft lets up on all the limitations so more devs make their games Xbox Live titles.
  • Its not that they "don't bother". Its that they want to release their game on a relatively tiny installer base without having to jump through additional hurdles that postpone them benefitting from it
  • It bums me out too. I've threatened to leave the platform before, however games or not, I don't like the other platforms. If Microsoft was really gung-ho from the beginning about Xbox gaming on Windows Phone they would have had official controller support, miricast or streaming to the TV, quick and easy certification for Xbox games, real time multiplayer and many more Xbox franchise tie-ins. I'm hopeful for 8.1. I don't think it can get any worse frankly either so... we'll see. Xbox One will enable Indies to publish with achievements- I don't see why it would be any different eventually for Windows Phone.
  • I'd rather get the game with no bxl vs no game cause its too much of a pinta to certify it
  • That's a great idea. I think Microsoft's answer to Nintendo 3DS and Sony Vita should be Windows Phone.
  • If Windows Phone was considered a "gamers" phone, I could imagine that would bring a number of consumers into the fold.
  • Any phone is not meant for gaming. IOS started this shit with touch devices. Go get a psp or sn XBox
  • I agree with you completely. The distinguishing feature of gaming on Winodws Phone is Xbox Live games. Microsoft has really dropped the ball by not pushing it more. Gameloft games are usually bug ridden and unoriginal, but that was at least tolerable when they were making them Xbox games. Now that they continue to release games without Xbox integration, I have no interest in their releases.
  • Not bothered about XBL myself but happy that such games are available on my favourite phone and platform.
  • Not dying more for games but dying for business apps,banking apps, quality productivity apps.
  • Alright scratch of the list. Thanks Gameloft.
  • Yup. Used to no-Xbox live by now. Also not downloading it. Gameloft sure will get used to it too.
  • That is one fine post! I will never get used to this and hope others keep their spirit too.
  • Agreed. No Xbox, No Download. And I will remind Gameloft of that every time they release a non-Xbox game on Windows Phone. I am not interested in sloppy seconds from iOS and Android. The Windows Phone gaming community is not a clone of those user bases. It is unique and we want Xbox games.
  • Yeah, just keep on reminding them it's not like they're losing much by not releasing on WP at all...
  • Touche! :D
  • Uh I hate real time strategy games, why cant they make one like civilization 5? :|
  • This one is not a real-time game; it's turned based. Have you tried Civilization Revolution on Windows Phone though? It's ugly but plays really well.
  • Reminds me of a girl I once knew.
  • Heh :D
  • lol, in a non sexist way of course...
  • Gameloft has given us more Xbox games than most companies. Give them support.
  • Not after they made Asphalt 7's price go from $0.99 to $4.99.
  • Indeed. That was a huge slap in the face to Xbox gamers on Windows Phone. I have no doubt it was a desperate move to compensate for the fact that the Xbox-enabled Asphalt 7 was continuing to outsell Asphalt 8, so they jacked up the price on Asphalt 7 and made Asphalt 8 free to try to save face.
  • Can't wait to play GT Racing 2!
  • Same! It'll be great to have another proper racing title to go alongside Real Racing 2, Asphalt 8 and TrackRacing Online...
  • Rr3
  • If only. GTR2 seems like a worthy alternative though. Too bad EA failed to take advantage of the lack of competition sooner :P
  • Their is still hope for Real Racng 3. And since its EA, it may also come with Xbox integration. So keep your fingers crossed and keep bugging them through Twitter & emails.
  • No XBL? No money
  • Its free, no money required
  • Still, no xbl, no point.
  • Nothing is free. It takes up hard drive space; it takes time to download it; you get inundated with ads, etc. It is not worth my space and time to download and play any non-Xbox Live game.
  • What happened to Rayman??
  • My guess is that it will launch next Wednesday. Its already available in India (a week ago) which I presume is a test market. A lot of Windows Phone games launch in limited/select markets first before a universal roll out. Its usually (from empirical evidence reading about it) 2 weeks before the game is available to a wider audience.
  • Stop obsessing over XBL.
  • No.
  • Never, its part of WP.
  • no offense as I am use to the no love of xbl on windows phone. but for me and many others that come to this site (a very small precentage of wp users in reality) we bought  these phones for the xbox integration and microsoft has all but abonded it so expect anytime you see a article for this year or longer that a big title (gameloft or others) that do not have live enabled expect to see people say that. For me I have 3 phone lines my all are windows phones but come june when the first one comes up for renewal I will be moving off the platform one by one until all 3 are with android or iphones, I have also swayed 5 or 6 of my friends on xbl to not get windows phones as they were all about to come aboard as I stated the support is dead. It may be a small margin of people but these are the people that spend 25-30 a month on the marketplace buying IAP to finish there grind or to simple buy more games to boost there gs.
  • Well nice to see you go, have fun with no Xbox support at all on the other platforms.
  • I'm one of those gamers that came over to Windows Phone for that exact reason. Granted its not the reason I'm staying with the platform (considering the dearth of Xbox titles) however I want Xbox live enabled games. That won't change however it will temper my enthusiasm for gaming on mobile. Even if there weren't any Xbox enabled games I don't like the competitors platforms- and I've owned them all. I love Windows Phone so I won't be leaving. If gaming is to become a side note for the platform I still have my 3DS and Vita (with better games than any smartphone). If I were you I would wait. I've been harping on the possibilities of self publishing on Xbox One spilling over to Windows Phone and I think that with the roll out of 8.1 interesting things will happen. Just my 2 cents :-p
  • Don't give up on Xbox on Winodws Phone without a fight! Join the #SaveXboxWP movement with your fellow gaming comrades!
  • As others have said, many people literally bought Windows Phones for Xbox games and they have a right to be frustrated by Microsoft for not supporting it like they intimated they would.
  • Would it be worth it to get a 920?
  • That depends. What device are you on right now? Would you be picking it up on or off contract?
  • I have a 521 and i plan on getting it off contract via amazon to use on t-mobile.
  • Ah, well that would be a big step up for gaming. The 920 can run everything that's been released so far, has a nicer screen, and has a great amount of storage space. I say go for it if the price is right.
  • Yes the 920 is a great device. I have one in yellow. Loving it because I can play the Xbox games that I enjoy playing.
  • I have a 920 and it is an amazing phone, imho. Screen size perfect, running all latest updates, wireless charging, fully linked into all Microsoft services etc etc. Can only say buy it from personal experience.
  • Imagine having such support with xbl included. Can't describe how disappointing Microsoft is when it comes to WP gaming support.
  • Yep but you can invite all your cool Facebook sad, hope things change with 8.1
  • I'm expected a renewed focus on Xbox Live on Windows Phone after 8.1 hits. The Xbox gaming tile is supposed to be redone. Additionally, its hopeful that all games on Xbox One will have achievements- from the smallest indie to the largest AAA. It makes me hopeful for things to change on WP. I don't think this logic is unrealistic.
  • Don't be passive, waiting for this to come true. Head to Twitter and help us nag Microsoft to help ensure that this becomes a reality: #SaveXboxWP needs your support!
  • Oh cool. Seems like a slower paced star craft. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • What happened to actual gamers who played games because of the game and not because of stupid achievements?
  • Well - they play on machines that are meant for playing(not smartphones)
  • Not just cheevos. Leader boards and friend lists make the game sooo much better, worth replaying to outscore your friends, etc.
  • Augh! No XBL !!111!!eleven!111 Peep b freakin out... Think MSFT ain't part of the reason!? Get a grip... These same tards fly here crying, saying stupid crap... I'm going to get a Droid or iPhone!! So your leaving WP cuz there's not enuff XBL or whatever ur freak out is to a platform with NONE!? See, that's retarded, quit ur XBL whines. Ridiculous... Oh, is this a pay to win type game??? If so, I'm going to just quit life & switch to death...
  • Many people switched to Windows Phones, signing 2-year contracts, because of the promise of Xbox games. Given the paucity of Xbox games released this year, and the loss of major developers like Gameloft, people have right to be upset. #SaveXboxWP is their voice.
  • YEEEES!!
  • Gameloft is serious about Windows Phone!  I love it.
  • Now we need rayman and gt taco g 2! But can't wait to give this a go in the mean time!
  • No XBL = no download for me.  I'm not going to bother with devs that stop supporting the platform's features that differentiate it from other platforms.
  • It would suck to never have new games to download. :-\
  • No Xbox Live. Another hugely missed opportunity for both Gameloft and Microsoft. I for one will continually harp on them both on Twitter via #SaveXboxWP until someone does something to improve the state of Xbox gaming on Windows Phone and Windows 8/RT:
  • Okay Coip, you've said your peace. There is no need to spam the same thing in 30 different comments on the same article. :-\ :-\
  • Well, this is my one post that isn't a reply. The other posts were replies to other people that I hope to recruit to make Windows Phone gaming better for everyone. Many people post once and then never come back to read other posts unless they get a notification from WPcentral that someone has commented on their post. So, usually I like to reply to people that already posted something that suggests they are ideologically inclined to be interested in the movement.
  • It might be useful for the movement or even you, but honestly, reading through the comments and seeing the exact same comment just reworded to look like its an unique reply os downright frustrating. I love XBox enabled titles, but think about it that way, you are encouraging people not to download games without Xbox, the developers see the decline in downloads, what do you think what will be their course of action, "'Kay lets pump even more money into this shit, even though no one is downloading" or "Ah well, lets keep developing for Iphone and Android".
  • You are completely misrepresenting my position. I am not discouraging anyone from buying or downloading any game or app they are interested in. I, and others who post the same "No Xbox, No download" thing, are telling each other that we are not interested in games without Xbox achievements. We're not telling other people to not download games they want to play. If you want to download the game, go for it. But if Gameloft wants diehard Xbox gamers to download their games, then they need to provide us with the features we require. I think a lot of people read those comments and presume that we really want the game but are boycotting it because it doesn't have Xbox achievements. That's not the case: we only would've been interested in the game had it had Xbox achievements. XBL is a necessary feature for interest to take place for this niche of gamers. For anyone else who are not diehard achievement hunters, they won't be deterred from still playing the game, and I am certainly not discouraging them from doing so.
  • Amen to that. Every other post is a cloned message saying the exact same thing with the words in a slightly different order. It's actually making reading the comments here kinda frustrating.
  • If you actually go back and read every post I've made on this thread, you'll see that each one is unique. Just because most of them have in common a shoutout to #SaveXboxWP doesn't make them cloned. Seriously, go back and read them all. They're all responses to things other people said, and touch on unique topics such as how Live as a distinguishing feature and about the quality of Gameloft games, how unjust the price is of Asphalt 7, how freemium games aren't really free, how many people bought Windows Phones solely because they had Xbox games, and how gamers frustrated over the lack of Xbox Live shouldn't take a passive approach.
  • Thank you Paul. Coip, i honestly respect your efforts and keep up the work but please do it in moderation, don't spam/hog the forums with the same repeated comment. No xbl = no buy well guess what, no buy = no games for WP, period. You think major companies like Gameloft really will lose slepp over losing the small percentage market share of wp? No. With no xbl, we have seen our games receive updates parity with ios/droid so for me, though it sucks, that's a win. Even some indie games dont xbl, so you wont support those either? How you expect someone to support the platform when you wont support there hard work? If we want wp to be a viable alternative for ios/android users then games are one area we need to flourish. As i said before, let the games come, draw in the users then and i can only hope, ms sorts the live integration so that the devs can re-introduce that differentiator that is xblwp.
  • On the contrary: the #SaveXboxWP movement is vehemently fighting on behalf of indie developers. One of the major goals of the movement is to cajole Microsoft into extending the ID@Xbox program--the one that makes it easy for indie developers to publish games on Xbox One--to Windows Phone and Windows 8/RT. We want indie developers to succeed, so we lobby Microsoft to revise the certification process. That has been a movement goal from the start. Please read here for more details. In short, there is a very serious niche of gamers who only play Xbox games. No matter what an indie developer does, if the game doesn't come with Xbox achievements, it will be overlooked by this niche. And this niche is important: they buy a lot of games. We're trying to make it so that indie developers who are interested in reaching this niche consumer market will be able to do so. I believe for WP to flourish on the gaming front we need distinguishing features. Xbox Live integration is that feature. It's a big selling point having a premium version of a game compared to iOS and Android. Windows Phone is way in the hole regarding marketshare. Getting sloppy seconds from iOS and Android is not going to close that gap. But, getting the same games with extra features will help.
  • Get your point, fair comment for you. But its boring seeing the sane comment on every article repeated 50 times. Do you think we are all stupid and cant comprehend. I'm now wishing no games have XBL so you leave WP.
  • Lmfao!! Well said!! Its really annoying seeing him comment the same thing over and over abt his so called savexbox movement..
    #CoipLeaveWP movement :D
  • Thing is, I agree with him, I chose WP for its unique UI and Xbox games (I'm staying for others reasons now) and MS should take it more seriously. But spamming his "movement" comments aimed at "recruiting" people is getting beyond a joke. One comment per article was annoying enough but this article's comments alone is example of how someone can become obsessed regardless of how many people they piss off. #CoipLeaveWPC
  • That's mean. I'm just trying to help out. At least my posts have a goal and purpose. Most of the stuff posted on here is irrelevant trolling, but you single me out for your meanness. I guess it would be more appreciated if, instead of replying to people in agreement (which I'm doing now: tracking down people who also are upset about Xbox on WP), I could troll everyone's posts and mock them for whatever they wrote instead, contributing nothing of importance.
  • You've changed your tune, now that I have people who agree with me too. Funny how now I'm the mean one. You should look at the way you've replied to people asking you not to spam in the past.
  • I haven't changed my tune; you've always been the mean one. My argument is the same: asking people to stop posting something that interests them is self-centered. The only occassion in which I have ever posted to anyone telling them to stop posting is to people who obnoxiously jumped on someone else's thread and demanded they stop posting things. You've done that several times, insinuating that you think it's okay to dictate to others what they post. Of course other people agree with you. Other people agree with me too. This is the World Wide Web. It's very heterogeneous. That doesnt' mean anything. My mantra has always been that anyone can post anything they want unless it is unwarranted attacks on other users, which I've never done. Any attack of mine was defensive, a response to an unwarranted attack by another, and I've certainly never started a movement to get another member to permanently leave WPcentral, regardless of how much I dislike their condescending posts, unlike you. Post whatever you want about whatever topic you want as many times as you want to post it; just don't intrude on other people's conversations demanding they only talk about things that interest you.  Really think about who is imposing who's ideology on whom. You're demanding other people stop posting; I'm saying that everyone can post whatever they want unless it is a post demanding other people stop posting what they want. That's my mantra and I think it's fair to everyone.
  • Yes you have, don't act all innocent, btw you write way way too much, seriously I stop reading after the 3rd line..
  • Did you write the rules for this forum? I never asked you to stop posting here, like I said, I agree with the reasoning and hope you succeed (although, I very much doubt Microsoft make their business decisions based on what is trending on Twitter, if it even is trending that is). I just asked you to stop spamming here, as many others have, including Paul. But if you think your unspoken rules regarding what people can or can't post (regardless of the quantity) will keep people off your case, then feel free continue, however I imagine you'll be gone before many of us expected.
  • I didn't write them, but I read them long ago and made sure to abide by them. The rules of this forum can be found here. My posts do not violate them. All of them are on topic and relevant to the original posts they reply to. There is no limit on quantity of posts. In contrast, many of your posts are arguably in violation of several rules: harassment, personal attacks or insults, trolling, and taking threads off topic. As for Microsoft not making business decisions based on what is trending on Twitter, you need only look back to the post-E3 blowup over the Xbox One's policies and immediate reversal to see that they do react to online social movements. We've also had the head of Microsoft Studios acknowledge and respond to the movement. You've done more than ask me to stop 'spamming'. First, my posts are not spam. You can read the definition of spam in the forum rules above, and if you require an explanation of how my posts do not fit that definition, I'll glady provide it for you (again). Second, you included #CoipLeaveWPC in your previous post, insinuating that you not only want me to stop posting, but you want me to leave Windows Phone Central. Then you claim that you've never demanded I stop posting? You only have to look back a few posts in this thread. Add in the other threads where you've been harassing me (a violation of site rules), and the hypocrisy is quite vexing.
  • @ coip You portray yourself as a victim whilst quite clearly conning people into boycotting non Xbox games, hence attempting to damage developers making an effort to bring games to Xbox. You want everyone to listen to your comments whilst ignoring others comments
  • You are spreading lies about me when you accuse me of "quite clearly conning poeple into boycotting non-Xbox games". I am doing no such thing. I've said repeatedly, for several months, including in this thread, that people are more than welcome to buy or not buy anything they want. Speaking of ignoring others. Geez. Know what you're talking about before you make inaccurate accusations.
  • One comment you tell us no xbix no download. The next comment is download non xbox games. You are confused mate.
  • When I say that, I refer to my personal preference, as in if a game doesn't have Xbox, I won't get it. Nowhere does that imply that it is a universal decree in which I am forbidding others from getting the game if they want it. I don't even understand why you would think that, as if I have the clout to dictate to others what they can or cannot download. And if you had actually fully read my comments on here you would see that I have explicitly stated just that, several times.
  • Yes, I see all your comments saying no xbox no download include the above qualification.
  • Everytime there's an article on a game, you comment about no Xbox, no download n then you try to get people to follow your so called savexbl movement..if you don't want a game that does not support Xbox then that's your decision, you don't have to try to get people to tweet developers about not buying their non Xbox games.. Do you want devs to stop supporting WP out right? I'm sure they have their reasons for not supporting I said b4, stop trying to play the victim, if it weren't for all your comments this conversation would not have even taken place.. Get a girlfriend dude, if you can't then try or something, spam them with your comments..
    The #coipleavewp was a joke, get a sense of humor..
  • Again, those 'no xbox, no download' statement are about my personal preferences. In no way whatsoever are they intended to tell other people what games they should or shouldn't download. The calls to mobilization are meant for those already in ideological agreement. I'm not trying to convert anyone. I'm trying to recruit people who already agree with me. It's a proven social movement mobilization strategy. Yes, developers do have a reason for not supporting Xbox on Windows Phone and that reason is that the certification process is counterproductive. This is why the primary strategy of the movement is Microsoft, to cajole them to revamp it. No, this conversation would not be taking place if you didn't feel the need to impose yourself on other people's conversations. There are plenty of posts on WPcentral that I don't care about, but not once have I ever intruded on another's conversation to tell them to stop posting. If you don't want to read it, don't read it. The #coipleavewp thing isn't funny. It's mean-spirited. Calling it a joke to save face doesn't make it okay.
  • about to roll a fattie, you should def hit it, you need it..
  • LOL at #CoipLeaveWP movement
  • All due respect for having an opinion and passion, feel the love on that, just the blitzing over the top.
  • Exactly, its good that he stands up for what he believes but there's a limit..
  • All of my posts are original and unique. Most of them are replies to people that already posted something in ideological agreement with the movement--something that reveals them to be a likely candidate to participate in the social movement. One necessary social movement mobilization technique is to inform ideologically aligned people of the movement because they are most likely to participate. Most people on here make a comment once and then don't return to the article to read other comments unless someone replies to them directly, in which case they get an email notification like you just did here. Thus, it is a more effective recruitment strategy to individually reply to each of the ideologically aligned potential recruits, otherwise they are unlikely to see the mobilization attempt. Other users on these articles post nearly as many times and the grand majority of them are irrelevant to me. However, they're free to do what they want and I don't criticize them for it unless they are unjustly attacking other members. I'm sorry if it's annoying to have to skim through 114 comments instead of a 123 comments, but let's be honest here: we're all on a website reading user comments on an article about a pretty unimportant video game being released for a pretty unimportant mobile operating system, in the grand scheme of things. That means we're all here with a little too much free time, and I don't and shouldn't feel bad about posting relevant replies to people, even if it's a dozen times. At least my posts have a goal and a purpose, unlike most of the trolling or superflous posts that occur on this website (and, for that matter, the entire World Wide Web).
  • You portray yourself as a victim whilst quite clearly conning people into boycotting non Xbox games, hence attempting to damage developers making an effort to bring games to Xbox. You want everyone to listen to your comments whilst ignoring others comments
  • You portray yourself as a victim whilst quite clearly conning people into boycotting non Xbox games, hence attempting to damage developers making an effort to bring games to Xbox. You want everyone to listen to your comments whilst ignoring others comments
  • Do Xbl games go free ever? Because sometimes games integrated with game center and google play go free at times. Helps those people (like me) who don't have credit cards. It is a bit amusing and sad that we don't have Bing points in India, because we are one of the dominant market for Windows Phones.
  • There've been a few instances of Xbox games becoming free temporarily but only as mistakes and not legitimate promotions.
  • The miniclip and rovio free games were a mistake?
  • Whoops, forgot about those. I was thinking of the Gameloft games and Sonic CD.
  • Great news, thnx.
  • No XBL, no thank you.
  • Is this online game? Can I play this game without internet or offline?
  • Excuse me, but who are YOU to tell people to stop downloading these not xbl enabled games? You should be sending message to MS and not the game companies what are hoping to accomplish this way? No games at all? Well done!
  • Sorry this should have been a reply to coip...
  • You are severely misunderstanding what's going on here. I am absolutely not discouraging anyone from downloading a game that they want to download. And we're already sending messages to Microsoft asking them to revamp the certfication process. We have been for months. What are we trying to accomplish? We're trying to help grow the gaming market on Windows Phone.
  • this game is boring as hell, I used to play it on iOS. When you want to uprade i.e barracks u must wait 6 hours or purchase some diamants/whatever to "finish it now". And also your troops sucks without micro-transactions, when your army is defeated it can take 2 + days to fully restore it . WTF   Deleted after one week
  • Can anyone tell me whats the use of those acheivement points in Xbox games? I can't even use those to buy props or styles
  • E-peen.
  • The attraction of Xbox achievement points is described by several gamers here.
  • As may others have said, no Xbox Live, No download :). It's a shame too as I was looking forward to some of these games.
  • Hmm looks pretty nice on paper... But is it another Gameloft's pay-to-win with a lot of in-app purchases that are mandatory in order to progress in the game ? Man I miss those paying games with full content right away, Gameloft make me feel like a cow, being attracted by a sweet looking free game and then regularly milked to access features.    
  • Can anyone explain me what everyone is talking about here? What do they mean with no Xbox live support? Isn't this just a game for a mobile phone? What's the deal here?
  • The deal is that a lot of people want that the games provides them with a list of "achievements" in order to fully enjoy it. No Xbox live, for them means no achievements, therefore no gaming pleasure.
  • This thread explains why people care about Xbox achievements on Windows Phone.
  • So the arguments FOR achievements are "It makes games more fun and social"? You're full of it.  Your all obsessed with your Xbox gamer scores.  You want to be able to unzip, whip it out, and say "Ha, look at what I've got!" If having fun and being social were of such paramount concern to you, you wouldn't have spent umpteen hours on this little "movement" yours, and all the posts you have littered across the forums on this subject.  Instead you should have been having fun and being social. Actions speak louder than words, and right now you are ticking people off, and chasing pretty hard with many, many off topic comments, in your righteous quest for the Microsoft-given right, bequethed unto you at the time of your cellular contract signing for a subsidized smartphone,  to have all your games achieve maximum funness and sociabily.  Ummm, no.  You want to boost your score.
  • Very funny, very true!
  • That is one argument for achievements. There are other things too.
    There is a difference between "your" and "you're".
    Social movements, by their very definition, are social.
    Some people have fun in different ways. Coming together in a social movement can be one such way.
    Some people are ticked off by my actions, others appreciate it. That's life. For instance, I find most of your posts annoying too; I just don't bother telling you that because it's rude.
  • Does any one know if Kingdoms & Lords is coming to Windows 8 ?
  • It's still supposed to, unless Gameloft quietly canceled it.
  • Microsoft has shown little care for its XBL feature so I'm not crying or asking about it anymore. Now, I'm really happy with the support and respect Gameloft has shown to WP and W8. You don't see this in most major developers.
  • Absolutely right!  I just want good games.  Support the developers & publishers that are supporting our OS of choice.  Maybe when we have tripled our marketshare MS can start saying "Hey about Xbox Live..."
  • As it's gameloft I imagine it will be laggy, buggy and with no support and super rare updates.
  • Havent even finished Asphalt 8.Whether it is XBL or not Gameloft is losing its touch.Most of its games require in-app purchases to proceed.A8 seems really tiring coz money is not easily earned.I still consider Asphalt urban Gt which i played on N-gage as the worthy and best Asphalt game ever.
  • Is this free, or freemium?  Huge difference.  
  • It's fremium. I gave up on anything that uses "free" and "gameloft" in the same sentence. They fremium model will rip you off like you would not believe. With Gameloft situation is so bad when they give you "free to play" that I'd honesly skip it even if it were xbox live game.
  • people complaining about XBL need to sort yourself out guys! seriously, if you don't download games because it doesn't have XBL support just kills the support we get from other companies, they look at the download stats and that helps them decide if they are going to make a game for the platform. SUPPORT THE GAME AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE PLATFORM and tbh doing this is a tad selfish from you guys. 
  • Agreed!
  • There is a flaw in your argument. If a non-Xbox game has lower sales than an Xbox game and these lower sales upset the company that released the non-Xbox game, then, if they want to capture the niche market of gamers who only donwload Xbox games, they need to release an Xbox game. If said gamers only play Xbox games and a game doesn't have Xbox integration, said gamers have no interest in the game because it's missing a necessary feature for them, yet you're demanding that they buy the game anyway even though they're not interested in it. That doesn't make sense. Demanding people download a game they're not interested in just because you want them to? That's what's selfish. No one is telling you to not download a game you want. So you shouldn't tell them to download a game they don't want.
  • But the reason they are not downloading the game is STUPID, they like the game but won't buy it because it has XBL support....ots like people on ios not downloading a game because it has no game center support. I'm not saying download the game if you don't like it, im saying not downloading it when you like it because it doesn't have xbl is stupid, we say we want equality with ios and android nut guess what ios and android doesn't have XBL so technically we are equal with them, it is better for the game to come first, download the game if you like it and help the platform then maybe email them asking for XBL. You don't come to use a developing platform and start getting picky, until or beloved platform gets bigger we won't be in a position to demand for XBL and our market share isn't big enough for them t want to capture the niche market what makes you think we are in a position to bargain with them over XBL
  • Well, first of all, telling someone that their reasoning is stupid is a tad judgmental. People have different likes. To you, Xbox achievements aren't that important. But to another guy, they're all that matters. One man's junk is another man's treasure, right? Second of all, you are mistaken in thinking that they're interested in the game. They're not. They would've been interested in it if it had Xbox achievements, but only because it has Xbox achievements. I know that's hard to grasp since you aren't diehard about Xbox achievements. You're claiming they like the game and are boycotting it despite their like for it. That's not what's happening. Try this analogy. Say you really love ketchup. You love it so much that you absolutely have to have it on whatever type of sandwich you'll be getting for lunch. In this case, any sandwich that has ketchup on it is a sandwich you'd consider buying and eating. If it doesn't have ketchup on it, though, you don't want it because it doesn't have the one thing you need. So, you don't buy that sandwich. Instead, you buy a sandwich with ketchup on it. You're telling people that they're love for ketchup is stupid and they should just eat any sandwich served to them. Does that make more sense? I don't want equality with iOS and Android. I want something better, something my iOS and Android friends don't have: that distinguishing feature is Xbox gaming. Microsoft promised it, many people bought Windows Phones accordingly, and now Microsoft has failed to deliver on the hype so they're rightfully peeved. It's not about this being a developing platform or being picky: this was a major feature that Microsoft advertised from the get-go.
  • XBL is above achievement so actually,they are boycotting it? Many comments here clearly,say no XBL=no download,so if it had. xbl they would download,it so,that is boycotting it and they should be spamming Microsoft about it, not forums fgs
  • You're not understanding. If it had XBL they would've gotten it, yes, but only because it had XBL. That is, XBL is what would be making them want the game. They're not boycotting a game they want; they're simply not downloading a game they don't want. And they're telling both Microsoft and Gameloft this on Twitter.
  • You portray yourself as a victim whilst quite clearly conning people into boycotting non Xbox games, hence attempting to damage developers making an effort to bring games to Xbox. You want everyone to listen to your comments whilst ignoring others comments.
  • Free games from Gameloft are typically horrible.  I don't normally look a gift horse in the mouth, but not playing a Gameloft freemium is much more enjoyable than playing one.  Real Soccer 13 was the worst and I gave up after suffering through a couple hours of Six Guns repetition.  Just a bad model all around.
  • +920 If you play enough gameloft games you'd notice couple of things that MAJORLY turn me away: - Graphics are good but gameplay tends to suck more and more as you play the game. - Code sharing between different games is at the ridiculusly high level to a point where you often feel like you're playing exact same game with different skin. So if you have non playable character that's acting incredibly stupid because of non existant AI you'll see that same charcter with different skin in EVERY gameloft game. And list goes on and on for just about EVERY single game they made. - They inovate nothing. They'll give you the good graphics but that's about it - All of their games get harder as you play more and more. This is especally true for their fremium game. Yes in theory it's possible to finish their game without spending a penny but in practice it's impossible. Gameloft: Pretty graphics but that's about it.
  • I agree with this. I find most Gameloft games to be mostly uninspired clones from other companies' games. Add in the fact that they are usually bug-ridden, are unapologetically 'freemium', and no longer have Xbox achievements to compensate for those flaws, and I'll save my time and money for other publishers' games.
  • Nope.
  • Nope what?
  • Great game with one huge flaw. You HAVE to play Usa and save the world ... plz. Deleted and 1 star.
  • How to play this shit offline??/
  • Was going to download tis today but realised it was not Xbox Live. What a shame too, looks good!
  • Great game, plays flawlessly in my L920. But just a week ago a small glitch has come up. The St. Patrick's Day discounted rates are not getting purchased. Everytime I try to do so it says an error has occurred, please try after sometime. The error code it gives is :d0000029. Please help with a solution