GameSir reveals X3 Cooled Mobile Controller designed for Cloud Gaming

Gamesir X3 Type C Image
Gamesir X3 Type C Image (Image credit: GameSir)

What you need to know

  • GameSir is introducing the X3 Cooled Mobile Controller, a handheld gaming controller specifically designed for Cloud gaming.
  • The device is a hybrid controller and cooler, built to keep a user's phone cool while streaming games.
  • The first units are slated to ship out in June 2022.

GameSir is moving ahead with a new mobile gaming controller that could end up as one of the more comfortable options for playing games on the go.

GameSir revealed the X3 Cooled Mobile Controller, designed for playing titles through streaming such as Xbox Cloud Gaming. Building on the structure of the company's prior controller, the GameSir X2 USB-C, GameSir appears to have included some major improvements to the comfort factor.

The X3 is built as a hybrid controller and cooler, with a cooling silicone pad, heat sink and fan in the back, designed keep phones cool while not getting in the way of the player's hands. GameSir claims that this can result in up to a 24°C (or 72 °F) drop in temperature on the surface. GameSir is introducing this new controller through an Indiegogo campaign, with the first units scheduled to ship around June 2022. Early backers can claim a controller for $70, which GameSir claims is a 30% discount from when the device becomes widely available at retail.

Like the X2, the X3 connects to your Android phone with a USB-C connection. Per GameSir, the X3 fits Android phones around 110mm to 179mm in length. We'll have to wait and see how the final product delivers in the overall experience, but the X3 could end up being one of the best Xbox controllers available for anyone interested in playing games through Cloud streaming.

Samuel Tolbert
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