Best controller for Fortnite in 2024

Fortnite is one of the most popular games on the planet, with the added advantage of supporting basically every platform, as well as being playable with a controller as well as keyboard and mouse. On mobile, you can even play it with touch controls. 

For a lot of players, though, a controller is going to be the most natural, comfortable way to play. Keyboard and mouse has its advantages, but it's just not something everyone feels good playing with. So, if you're looking for the best controller for Fortnite, have a little look at one of these to help you sweep to the Victory Royale. 

Choosing the best controller for playing Fortnite 

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If you're a console gamer, then you already have a controller that came with it. If it's an Xbox, in particular, then it's a very good controller. But for a competitive game like Fortnite, you can certainly do better. All of the controllers here are an upgrade over a standard controller for keen Fortnite players. 

The option to customize your button layouts and add extra buttons on the back is particularly useful in a game like Fortnite. There's a lot going on at once, and where keyboard and mouse players traditionally have an advantage is being able to better, and faster, multitask. When holding a regular controller, you're not using all of your fingers, but add in some paddles and you can. Some of the best Fortnite players can use a controller and make it look like they're on keyboard and mouse. 

Feature's like Razer's sensitivity clutch also bring a taste of PC gaming to the controller. There are similar features available on some top gaming mice, so having the option if you prefer to use a controller is certainly exciting. It may take a little learning curve to get used to a new controller, but the end result will be better performance in your games, so it's worth the investment. 

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