Destiny 2 is cracking down on Cronus and XIM cheating

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What you need to know

  • Destiny 2 developer Bungie has announced its intention to crack down on players using third-party devices like XIM and Cronus to cheat in-game.
  • XIMs can be used to use mouse and keyboard with controller aim assist against controller players on console, while Cronus' can be used to execute gameplay-altering scripts that reduce recoil, boost aim assist, and more.
  • Bungie says that using third-party devices for accessibility purposes (hardware like the Xbox Accessibility Controller or Sony's Project Leonardo, for example) is fine, but players found to be using devices like XIMs and Cronus' to gain an advantage will be warned or even banned.
  • The studio is evaluating all gameplay for violations, including both PvP and PvE content.

Bungie, developer and publisher of the popular live service looter shooter Destiny 2, has announced its intention to crack down on players using third-party devices like XIM and Cronus accessories to gain an unfair advantage in-game.

XIM devices are peripherals that allow their users to plug a mouse and keyboard into their Xbox or PlayStation system and trick the console into thinking that a controller was connected instead. With a XIM, it's possible to use a mouse and keyboard while matchmaking against controller players in PvP, bypassing input-based matchmaking systems. Doing this also gives you the unfair benefit of controller aim assist since the game you're playing isn't able to tell that you're not using a gamepad. 

Cronus hardware, meanwhile, essentially acts as a controller passthrough that allows console and PC players to cheat by running gameplay-altering scripts. With a Cronus, you can reduce your in-game recoil, boost aim assist, and more, giving you a significant edge.

XIM and Cronus cheating has been a significant problem in various shooter games for a long time now, but several developers have finally begun to take action. For example, Activision took a stand against XIM cheating in Call of Duty with Ricochet anti-cheat. Now, in a new developer blog post, Bungie has vowed to issue warnings, restrictions, and bans to Destiny 2 Guardians caught using third-party devices to cheat.

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"Bungie embraces the use of external accessibility aids that enable an experience the game designers intended but will take action, including bans, on people who abuse these tools specifically to gain an advantage over other players," the studio's new policy reads. Additionally, the developers noted that they'll be evaluating all Destiny 2 gameplay for violations, including both PvP and PvE.

Notably, the developer has indicated that accessibility hardware is safe to use, so you don't need to worry if you use something like the Xbox Accessibility Controller or Sony's Project Leonardo kit for PS5. Bungie also later clarified that all official Xbox, PlayStation, and Scuf controllers are okay "as long as there is no definitive evidence showing abuse of game mechanics are at play."

In recent years, Bungie has aggressively fought against cheating and hacking in Destiny 2. In 2021, Riot Games and Bungie teamed up to sue a cheating software creator, and earlier this year, the studio won a $4.4m lawsuit against cheat developer AimJunkies.

Windows Central's take

It's great to see Bungie finally tackle the issue of XIM/Cronus cheating, as it's been a big problem for quite some time now. With the studio recently beefing up Destiny 2's  Competitive and Trials of Osiris PvP content, it makes sense that it would want to ensure a fair and level playing field for everyone in The Crucible.

I'm also glad that Bungie is trying to make sure that folks using third-party devices for accessibility aren't caught in the shockwaves of the banhammer, though some have raised concerns about bad faith actors using accessibility as a shield for their usage of peripherals like XIM or Cronus. Hopefully Bungie is able to accurately separate the cheaters from regular players.

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Destiny 2: Lightfall

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