Diablo Immortal best builds: Skills, gems, PvE, and PvP

Diablo Immortal Monk
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Like most other loot-focused games, Diablo Immortal is all about making your character stronger by leveling them up and equipping them with the skills and gear that you've unlocked throughout your adventures. With the right combination of character attributes, class abilities, and gems, you'll become an unstoppable force. This combination is what's known as a build, and putting an effective one together is the best way to optimize your power and effectiveness in both PvE and PvP. 

There are a countless amount of builds possible in Diablo Immortal, but some are more effective than others due to how attributes, skills, and gems used in them synergize with one another (weapons and armor are more up to personal preference as long as they have a high gear score). In this guide, we'll go over the best builds that are available for each of the game's six classes, as well as how you need to play to capitalize on the potential of each one.

Diablo Immortal best Crusader build

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  • Attributes: Strength, Fortitude, Vitality
  • Primary skill: Punish
  • Secondary skills: Draw and Quarter, Conjuration of Light, Holy Banner, Spinning Shield
  • Gems: Everlasting Torment, Fervent Fang, Berserker's Eye, Lightning Core, Seled's Weakening, Battleguard

As a Crusader, you're at your strongest while drawing enemy aggro for your allies on the frontline with area-of-effect (AoE) melee strikes, soaking up damage with your high defenses and applying powerful buffs to everyone in your party. As a result, the best Crusader build is the one that gives you strong tanking capabilities while also allowing you to dish out effective damage to enemies and supportive spells to your companions.

You'll want to focus on Strength, Fortitude, and Vitality as your primary attributes, as Strength will increase your melee power while Fortitude and Vitality will make you very durable with a stronger armor rating and more health, respectively. Punish is the ideal primary skill for this build since it deals good damage and raises the chance you'll block incoming attacks, reducing their damage by 20 percent. Conjuration of Light and Holy Banner are the best secondary skills to use for buffing allies, as the former makes everyone in your party invincible for three seconds while the latter provides everyone with a 100% critical hit chance. Spinning Shield lets you throw your shield like a boomerang to pull enemies in, while Draw and Quarter allows you to use a horse to ride ahead of your party and aggro groups of upcoming enemies into one spot for easy crowd control.

When it comes to gems, Everlasting Torrent has phenomenal synergy with Holy Banner since it allows you to apply the Agony debuff to enemies whenever you hit them with a crit. This debuff damages foes over time and raises your attack speed, too. Fervent Fang ramps up your damage against single foes as you repeatedly whack them, which helps make up for the Crusader's low single-target damage. Berserker's Eye raises your damage and the damage you take, too, but your high defenses effectively counter this negative effect. Lightning Core deals AoE damage to foes near the enemy you're hitting, while Seled's Awakening boosts your damage after you take down an Elite enemy. Finally, the Battleguard gem significantly reduces all incoming damage from enemies that are close to you, which is perfect for the Crusader melee tank playstyle.

Diablo Immortal best Barbarian build

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  • Attributes: Strength, Vitality
  • Primary skill: Lacerate
  • Secondary skills: Leap, Whirlwind, Wrath of the Berserker, Undying Rage
  • Gems: Trickshot Gem, Everlasting Torment, Fervent Fang, Berserker's Eye, Lightning Core, The Hunger

Barbarians are all about jumping into the thick of the fray and rapidly dealing as much heavy melee damage as possible, so our goal with this build is to enhance your ability to do just that. Investing heavily into Strength and Vitality is an excellent way to do this, as you'll want the best melee damage possible as well as a large health pool to offset the Barbarian's lack of strong damage mitigation options in Diablo Immortal.

For skills, we strongly recommend using Lacerate as your primary skill since every third hit you land with this melee ability will heal you, allowing you to stay aggressive for longer periods of time. Whirlwind allows you to continuously strike all nearby foes with vicious AoE attacks, while Wrath of the Berserker significantly raises your attack and movement speed. Finally, Undying Rage gives you four seconds of invincibility that stops you from dying when your health is depleted, and it also makes your attacks heal you for a short time. 

Many of the gems we recommend for the Crusader are also the best options for Barbarians, including the Everlasting Torment, Fervent Fang, Berserker's Eye, and Lightning Core. The Trickshot Gem and The Hunger are also fantastic Barbarian gems, as the former makes Whirlwind last longer while the latter regenerates a chunk of your health every time you kill an enemy. 

Diablo Immortal best Monk build

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  • Attributes: Strength, Vitality, Willpower
  • Primary skill: Fists of Thunder
  • Secondary skills: Flying Kick, Exploding Palm, Imprisoned Fist, Seven-Sided Strike
  • Gems: Chained Death, Fervent Fang, Ca'arsen's Invigoration, Nightmare Wreath, Lightning Core, Cutthroat's Grin

Monks are a powerful melee support class that doesn't hit quite as hard as the Barbarian, but is capable of applying debuffs and knockback to enemies to make up for that. Additionally, Monks also have excellent mobility and can harass enemies constantly by using their high movement and attack speed to keep the pressure on. Therefore, the best stats for the Monk to level are Strength, Vitality, and Willpower. Strength is important for making your melee strikes as effective as possible, while Vitality is always nice to have as a close-range class. Investing points into Willpower isn't a bad idea, either, as it will improve the duration and effectiveness of debuffs and knockback stuns you apply to foes.

Fists of Thunder is the Monk's best primary skill, as it allows you to rapidly teleport between enemies and repeatedly punch them for lots of quick damage. Flying Kick is useful for kicking groups of enemies into walls to stun them and deal strong damage, while Exploding Palm inflicts Bleeding on foes. Enemies that die while Bleeding explode and deal high damage to other mobs, making Exploding Palm one of the best crowd control abilities in Diablo Immortal. Imprisoned Fist completely immobilizes your foes for several seconds, while Seven-Sided Strike can be used to rapidly dash between them and land seven powerful hits (the damage of this ability is reduced by half if you hit the same enemy more than once with it, so save it for dealing with large groups).

For gems, we recommend Chained Death and Fervent Fang for their ability to ramp up your damage when you're hitting multiple enemies or the same enemy multiple times, respectively. Ca'arsen's Invigoration buffs your high attack speed even further, and Nightmare Wreath has a chance to make enemies flee when you hit them, making it easy for you and your allies to finish them off. Meanwhile, Lightning Core provides additional AoE damage to your melee strikes, while Cutthroat's Grin boosts your damage when hitting mobs from behind. This is normally very difficult to do with any other class, but the Monk's fast movement speed makes landing "backstabs" much easier.

Diablo Immortal best Demon Hunter build

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  • Attributes: Strength, Fortitude
  • Primary skill: Crossbow Shot
  • Secondary skills: Vengeance, Rain of Vengeance, Multishot, Knockback Shot
  • Gems: Everlasting Torment, Ca'arsen's Invigoration, Power and Command, Bloody Reach, Berserker's Eye, Seled's Weakening

The best way to build a Demon Hunter is to spec into everything that boosts your damage against individual targets. This is because the Demon Hunter is the best Diablo Immortal class in terms of single-target DPS, making them very powerful against bosses (as long as you stay far away from them, of course). To do this, you'll want lots of points in both Strength and Fortitude. The former directly buffs the damage of your crossbow, while the latter increases your armor penetration and helps you deal more critical hits. 

Stick with Crossbow Shot as your primary skill, as it does more direct damage than the AoE-focused Explosive Arrow alternative. The Vengeance skill is a must-have since it makes your primary attacks fire two additional shots for even higher DPS potential, while Multishot is fantastic for burst damage. Rain of Vengeance and Knockback Shot are both excellent for crowd control around large hordes of mobs in situations where you need to kill lots of enemies quickly. 

The Everlasting Torment gem synergizes wonderfully with your high critical hit chance, as it applies the Agony debuff and raises your attack speed when you score a crit. Ca'arsen's Invigoration also buffs your attack speed, too, and Power and Command alternates between improving your primary attack damage and your other types of damage every nine seconds. The Bloody Reach, Berserker's Eye, and Seled's Weakening buff your damage as well, boosting your already high DPS to insane levels. 

Diablo Immortal best Wizard build

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  • Attributes: Intelligence, Vitality
  • Primary skill: Magic Missile
  • Secondary skills: Black Hole, Meteor, Scorch, Arcane Wind
  • Gems: Chained Death, Bloody Reach, Berserker's Eye, Seled's Weakening, Lightning Core, Nightmare Wreath

The Wizard is essentially the crowd control version of the Demon Hunter, as they excel at nuking hordes of mobs with vicious AoE magic spells. With that in mind, you should pump your Intelligence and Vitality stats as you level up so that you can maximize your magic damage potential while also giving yourself enough HP to survive taking some hits if enemies catch you off-guard. 

While Electrocute seems like it would be the best primary skill for the Wizard due to its AoE nature, it doesn't do enough damage in endgame content. Therefore, we strongly recommend using Magic Missile instead, especially since the Wizard has plenty of other awesome AoE spells at their disposal anyway. Black Hole can be used to pull groups of enemies together, which you can then obliterate with the powerful Meteor skill that creates a massive explosion and deals extreme damage. Scorch allows you to launch a large fire orb that deals strong damage and pushes enemies away, while Arcane Wind can be used to create deadly firestorms if aimed at areas where Meteor or Scorch landed. 

The Chained Death, Bloody Reach, Berserker's Eye, and Seled's Weakening gems all provide the Wizard with incredible damage boosts, while Lightning Core provides additional AoE damage that will often finish off enemies that survive your primary attack and magic skills. Nightmare Wreath's ability to make enemies run away from you is also very useful since you want your opponents to be as far away as possible. 

Diablo Immortal best Necromancer build

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  • Attributes: Intelligence, Vitality, Fortitude
  • Primary skill: Soulfire
  • Secondary skills: Command Skeletons, Command Golem, Corpse Explosion, Bone Armor
  • Gems: Freedom and Devotion, Follower's Burden, Chained Death, Bloody Reach, Berserker's Eye, Seled's Weakening

While Diablo Immortal is one of the best multiplayer games available right now, it's also incredibly fun to play solo, too. The best build for solo play revolves around the strengths of the Necromancer class, and while other classes will typically be more effective in group PvE and PvP, the Necromancer can still be very powerful in these scenarios, too. As a Necromancer, you'll primarily want to level Intelligence and Vitality for magic damage and health, respectively. Throwing a few points into Fortitude is a good idea, too, as you'll want to have some extra damage mitigation to help you survive against fast opponents that can take advantage of your low mobility. 

When it comes to skills, your primary one should be Soulfire, as it's a well-rounded ability that deals explosive damage to the target it hits as well as the foes near them. Your other skills should include Command Skeletons and Command Golem, as these allow you to summon a horde of skeletons or a massive tanky golem that deals huge damage, respectively. These "pets" essentially fulfill the same role that a friendly Crusader or Barbarian would in multiplayer: distracting enemies so that you can cast magic attacks safely. Corpse Explosion is another powerful skill that makes the corpses of recently-defeated foes explode, while Bone Armor can be used to raise your resistance to incoming damage in a pinch. 

Like the Wizard, the Necromancer benefits greatly from the Chained Death, Bloody Reach, Berserker's Eye, and Seled's Weakening gems that boost damage significantly when attacking repeatedly from afar. Make sure you also use the Freedom and Devotion and Follower's Burden gems, too, as the former increases the duration and damage of your summons while the latter makes them tankier and buffs your damage with each additional minion you raise. 


Diablo Immortal

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