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The long-awaited Diablo Immortal is finally in PC beta, and if you're planning on jumping into the demon-slaying action, you should study up on each of the game's classes before you make your character. Choosing your class is the biggest decision you can make in Diablo Immortal since it will determine your strengths and weaknesses for the entire game. While every class is viable, some of them are better than others when it comes to specific activities and playstyles. 

In this guide, we'll go over everything you need to know about picking a class, including what classes are generally the best, what to expect from each class, and which ones are ideal for solo play, PvE, and PvP.  

DIablo Immortal class tier list

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This Diablo Immortal tier list will give you an idea of which classes are the best and worst at a glance. Note that even the classes in the lowest tier are viable and work well when played effectively, so don't hesitate to pick them if you think they sound fun to play. 

Classes in the S category are very strong across solo play, PvE, and PvP, while A tier classes are slightly less effective. The classes in B tier are powerful, too, but are generally harder to play and less forgiving in Diablo Immortal PvE or PvP.

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Class tier list
S TierCrusader, Barbarian
A TierMonk, Demon Hunter
B TierWizard, Necromancer

Which Diablo Immortal class should you choose?

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Diablo Immortal's six classes are pretty distinct from one another since they're designed to accommodate a variety of playstyles. Each one features different strengths and weaknesses that dictate how it operates, and it's important to understand these before choosing a class to play.

  • Crusader: The Crusader is Diablo Immortal's most versatile class. They deal strong area-of-effect (AoE) melee damage, can buff themselves and their allies, and can even ride their steed around the battlefield for unparalleled mobility. They're also the tankiest class of the bunch, allowing them to take hits that would kill other classes. However, they have no range and they don't have the same burst impact you'll get with a more specialized class.
  • Barbarian: The Barbarian is Diablo Immortal's dedicated melee DPS class, and as such, they can deal unrivaled close-range damage. They also have great mobility that helps them close the distance quickly, though they're less tanky than Crusaders. As a result, Barbarians can be a little tricky to play in the late game since the nature of the class often puts them in harm's way. 
  • Monk: The Monk is a melee damage/support hybrid that excels at chipping foes down and providing buffs to nearby allies, while also avoiding damage with their exceptional mobility. They don't have a ton of health and don't deal the greatest damage, either, but the boosts they provide make Monks strong in group settings. 
  • Demon Hunter: The Demon Hunter is Diablo Immortal's "sniper" class, able to deal large single-target damage from afar. They also have decent mobility and can move around while using their abilities, which is helpful when you're trying to stay away from melee threats. Demon Hunters have low health, though, so they can't take many hits.
  • Wizard: Wizards are similar to Demon Hunters in that they attack from a range. While the Demon Hunter is all about single-target DPS, Wizards excel at nuking groups of trash mobs with lethal AoE magic. They also have decent mobility like Demon Hunters do, though they lack the ability to use their magic while moving. 
  • Necromancer: The Necromancer can raise corpses as undead skeleton allies, and can dish out strong single-target and AoE damage from range. With that said, they also have very little health and mobility, making them a glass cannon. The ability to spawn squads of minions helps offset these weaknesses, but even so, playing a Necromancer leaves little room for error. 

Diablo Immortal best solo class

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While Diablo Immortal fully supports multiplayer with friends, it's entirely possible to play through the game yourself and have a great experience. These are the best classes for solo play.

  • Necromancer: While Necromancers aren't as effective as other classes in group PvE or PvP, they're an excellent choice for solo players. Their undead minions effectively fulfill the frontline brawler role that melee players do in multiplayer, allowing them to safely blast enemies with powerful ranged magic. Necromancer is tougher to play in the late game since enemies hit hard and they don't have a ton of health, but they're still a top pick for solo gameplay.
  • Barbarian: Barbarians work well when used solo since their crazy high AoE melee DPS allows them to tear through crowds of mobs with ease and they hit bosses pretty hard. Their Undying Rage ability also gives them a way to literally cheat death, temporarily becoming invincible when reduced to 1 HP and then getting health back by damaging foes.
  • Crusader: The Crusader class's flexibility makes it a great choice for solo play. The ability to tank plenty of damage while also dishing plenty of it out yourself is awesome, and the horse Crusaders get makes it easy to move between foes or kite mobs if necessary. 

Diablo Immortal best PvE class

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Diablo has always been one of the best games to play if you enjoy romping through PvE dungeons with friends, and that hasn't changed with Diablo Immortal. Here's an overview of the classes that are best optimized for group PvE content.

  • Crusader: Crusaders serve as fantastic frontline melee fighters in group PvE, as they can empower allies with buffs, deal strong damage, and draw aggro so that other players can maximize the damage potential of their squishier characters. They can also use their horse to kite groups of mobs into one large clump, making it easy for an allied Wizard or Barbarian to dispatch them with AoE attacks. 
  • Demon Hunter: Demon Hunters are the best class to pick if you want to maximize boss-killing potential, as their uniquely high single-target damage is perfect for this role. The ability to move while using abilities also makes them less risky to play than Wizards, though they aren't as effective at dealing with groups. 
  • Wizard: The Wizard class is tough to use in solo or PvP play due to the immobile nature of their magic casting, but this isn't much of a problem in group PvE since you'll likely have an allied Crusader or Barbarian drawing enemy aggro. This will give you plenty of opportunities to safely launch volley after volley of deadly AoE magic. 

Diablo Immortal best PvP class

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While ranged firepower can be effective, melee combat is generally the way to go in Diablo Immortal PvP. All three of the game's melee classes excel against other players, though each one is effective for different reasons.

  • Monk: Monks have low cooldowns and incredible mobility, making them the ideal class for harassing enemy players and baiting them into wasting their cooldowns with skillful movement. The buffs that Monks can provide also makes other melee fighters even more effective, and these boosts often make a huge difference in PvP engagements. 
  • Crusader: Surprise, surprise — Crusaders are quite powerful in PvP, too. Their high durability and ability to buff makes them excellent frontline tanks, and they can also use their steed to chase down injured players trying to retreat with ease. They don't deal as much damage as a Barbarian, but they can also stay in the fight without having to back off longer, too.
  • Barbarian: With their vicious AoE melee combos and high mobility, Barbarians are a force to be reckoned with in PvP. They eat ranged classes for breakfast, and if they're fighting alongside some allies, they can burst down even the tankiest Crusader with frightening speed. The only downside to the Barbarian is that they're not tanky themselves, and can be quickly killed by other Barbarians or Demon Hunters that get the drop on you from afar.

Which class will you choose?

Ultimately, all six of Diablo Immortal's classes are powerful and viable, though some of them are better than others. The best class in the game is arguably the Crusader, as their tankiness, strong AoE melee damage, ability to buff, and extremely high mobility makes them well-rounded and effective in all types of gameplay. 

If you're going through Diablo Immortal solo, you'll find the most success with a Necromancer. While Necromancers struggle in PvP due to their low health and mobility, and aren't very useful in group PvE since their minions don't work in groups, raising undead that tank for you while you nuke mobs from long range is extremely powerful in solo play. Barbarian is another powerful choice for a singleplayer approach, as their sky-high melee damage and Undying Rage ability make them very self-reliant. 

Fans of sniper playstyles should look no further than the Demon Hunter, which can deal huge damage to bosses (or tanky Crusader players in PvP) thanks to its high single-target damage. Demon Hunters also have the ability to attack while moving, which helps them maintain steady DPS when they have to move in response to incoming melee attackers. Consider giving a Wizard a shot, too, as even though they have to remain stationary while casting, the massive levels of AoE magic damage Wizards can dish out will make short work of any trash mobs in sight.

Ultimately, you'll have a good time in Diablo Immortal no matter which class you choose. With that said, picking the best classes for the way you want to engage with the game and its content will help you maximize your effectiveness and achieve the most success. 


Diablo Immortal

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