7 best Minecraft: Bedrock Edition add-ons and mods

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For many years, the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft did not let players modify and alter the game with third-party mods like its Java Edition counterpart has, at least not as easily (and certainly not on all platforms). However, that recently changed on Feb. 20, 2024, as Mojang Studios finally added mod support to Minecraft: Bedrock Edition on all platforms.

These fan-made mods, also known as “add-ons” in-game, allow players to drastically change Minecraft in a myriad of ways. These include quality-of-life improvements, new gameplay mechanics, new cosmetic outfits, altering the landscape, and even brand-new mobs.

There are lots of add-ons to choose from, and more will be added to the Minecraft Marketplace over time, so we selected seven of the best Minecraft: Bedrock Edition add-ons & mods that we highly recommend downloading. These can greatly improve your experience playing one of the best Xbox games around. Do note that some of these add-ons are free to download while others require premium Minecoin currency to purchase.

1. Minecraft: Bedrock Edition add-ons — Gravestone

Store your items safely upon with the Gravestone add-on. (Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

This add-on installs a new gameplay mechanic where upon death, all your gear and items will be stored in a gravestone that will spawn at the location where you died until you come retrieve your stuff.

With the Gravestone add-on, you won’t have to worry about losing your items while out in the wilderness again as they will protected from enemies and lava while stored inside the gravestone. In addition, your items will not despawn while inside the gravestone so you don’t have to rush back to retrieve them immediately.

Download the Gravestone Add-on for free at the Minecraft Marketplace.

2. Minecraft: Bedrock Edition add-ons — Dragonfire

Take flight with a horde of dragons with the Dragonfire add-on. (Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

The Dragonfire add-on introduces 21 dragons to the world of Minecraft that players can befriend and train. These dragons come in a variety of appearances and ages ranging from Eggs, Hatchlings, and Adults. Players can collect the scales of dragons and use them to craft powerful weapons and armor sets with unique properties.

In addition, this mod introduces new merchants who sell dragon eggs and special fruit that can enhance the power, speed, and health of your pet dragons if you feed it them.

Download the Dragonfire Add-on for 830 Minecoins at the Minecraft Marketplace.

3. Minecraft: Bedrock Edition add-ons — Mutants!

Beware the mutant Creepers in the Mutants! add-on. (Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

Take on terrifying new foes by installing the Mutants! Add-on. This add-on introduces new bosses, custom crafting, and mutant variants of classic Minecraft monsters. If you’re an experienced Minecraft player who is looking for challenging enemies to fight than the ones found in the vanilla version of Minecraft, then this add-on is for you.

Download the Mutants! Add-on for 830 Minecoins at the Minecraft Marketplace.

4. Minecraft: Bedrock Edition add-ons — More TNT!

Blow up the world with the More TNT! add-on. (Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

Cause explosive mayhem with the More TNT! Add-on. This add-on features over 15 new types of TNT explosives that you can spawn into your world. These new types of TNT include Lava TNT, Polar TNT, Shockwave TNT, Toxic TNT, Disco TNT, Nether TNT, and more.

Download the More TNT! Add-on for free at the Minecraft Marketplace.

5. Minecraft: Bedrock Edition add-ons — Computers

Send messages to fellow players across the Minecraft world with Computers Add-On. (Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

The Computers Add-On is a useful utility mod that allows players to craft a computer inside their home base and send in-game emails with messages and items attached to their friends while they’re offline. The computer also includes mini-games to play with and apps to detect the location of hostiles or read their stats.

Download the Computers Add-on for 660 Minecoins at the Minecraft Marketplace.

6. Minecraft: Bedrock Edition add-ons — Spark Portals

Use the Spark Portal Add-on to create portals and fast-travel across the world. (Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

Travel across the world in the blink of an eye with the Spark Portals Add-on. This add-on allows players to build and link up multiple portals so they and their friends can get to places faster. Players can build portals in a large variety of colors and link pathways between 160 portals at once.

Download the Spark Portals Add-on for 660 Minecoins at the Minecraft Marketplace

7. Minecraft: Bedrock Edition add-ons — Naturalist

Turn your world into a wildlife-filled paradise with the Naturalist Add-on. (Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

Have you ever wished to add more wild animals to your world so it would increase the immersive atmosphere of the biomes? Look no further than the Naturalist Add-on mod. 

This add-on includes over 100 new animal species to Minecraft, which will naturally spawn in every biome. In addition, this add-on will allow players to interact, tame, and even ride the new animals.

Download the Naturalist Add-on for 1340 Minecoins at the Minecraft Marketplace

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition add-ons — What are add-ons?

If you're new to Minecraft add-ons and how they function, allow us to give you a summary. Add-ons are special types of mods created by the Minecraft community and approved by Mojang themselves with the express purpose of changing huge chunks of the entire game. 

These mods can range from introducing entirely new gameplay mechanics or revamping old ones, changing the cosmetic appearances of character models, creating new enemies and NPCs, fixing issues or bugs that have slipped Mojang's notice, and much more.

While mods have existed in the Bedrock Edition in the past, the number of mods was limited in scope and were much more difficult to install and control compared to the Java Edition's mods. 

Thankfully, add-ons are much easier to install than regular mods. All you have to do is head over to the Minecraft Marketplace, search its library for add-ons that interest you, purchase them using Minecoins (a premium currency that requires real-life money), and then download and sync to your Microsoft Account.

What makes add-ons unique compared to regular mods is that add-ons are cross-platform compatible. This means that once an add-on is synced to your Microsoft Account, it will be useable across your world servers and function on any platform whether you play Minecraft: Bedrock Edition on Windows PCXboxPlayStationNintendo Switch, or mobile devices. 

What's also cool about that add-ons is that they work in multiplayer worlds and Minecraft Realms. In addition, only the host or Realm owner is required to install the add-ons, meaning players who don't have the add-ons themselves can still use them so long as they're in the host/Realm owner's modded world.

Mine for more fun with these Minecraft add-ons

And there you have our recommendations for the seven best Minecraft: Bedrock Edition add-ons and mods. While these aren’t the only awesome add-ons currently available on the Minecraft Marketplace, we feel these examples make a strong first impression for players who have never modded Minecraft before.

If you feel like there are add-ons that deserve a spotlight on this list, leave a comment and we’ll make sure to highlight them. In addition, we will also update this list with more add-ons that will be added to the Minecraft Marketplace in the future. Especially since the vanilla version of Minecraft is updating itself with more content like the upcoming, massive 1.21 update (you can check our Minecraft 1.21 FAQ for more details).

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and install these add-ons on your Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC, and mobile versions of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. You can also play Minecraft through Xbox Game Pass

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