Latest Minecraft snapshot preview lets you share loot with your friends and supercharge your jumps

Screenshot of Minecraft: Java Edition Snapshot 24W06A.
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What you need to know

  • Mojang Studios is working on the upcoming Minecraft 1.21 content update, which will focus on new adventures and challenges.
  • A new Minecraft: Java Edition Snapshot is bringing a brand-new feature with the Wind Charge, a helpful tool for combat and traversal.
  • Both the snapshot and a new Minecraft Preview build also bring plenty of other fixes, improvements, and updates to features like Armadillos and Vaults.
  • Players can go test these features now, including Vaults for sharing loot with friends in multiplayer.

If you're excited for the next major Minecraft content update or you're simply interested in helping drive future development of the world's best-selling video game, then today is a good day. Mojang Studios is releasing a new Minecraft: Java Edition snapshot and Minecraft Preview build with new features and changes for the upcoming Minecraft 1.21 update.

The 24W06A snapshot for Minecraft: Java Edition is of particular interest because it introduces a brand-new feature to the game that should be very exhilarating for many players. The Wind Charge is a new item that only drops when defeating powerful Breeze mobs in Trial Chambers. Wind Charges are single-use items that can be used either to fire powerful wind projectiles similar to the Breeze that causes knockback and direct damage, but it can also be used to power up jumps with a major boost (and decrease to fall damage anywhere above where the Wind Charge was used).

There's also Minecraft Preview, which brings a lot of similar improvements and changes as the Minecraft: Java Edition snapshot. Of course, Minecraft Preview is also available on more platforms, including all modern consoles and Windows PC. That includes tweaks to the Vault, which is a brand-new chest variant (which cannot be crafted), that contains unique loot for every player that unlocks it with a Trial Key obtained from clearing Trial Chambers.

Armadillos are also continuing to improve and evolve as mobs, and now feature new animations and sound effects for rolling and unrolling when Armadillos feel they're in danger or the area is now safe. There are plenty of other tweaks detailed in the respective changelogs, too, but most of you will only be interested in the major additions.

If you still want to test some of these upcoming features without using a pre-release version of Minecraft, the latest Minecraft: Bedrock Edition patch update included a ton of optional, experimental features from the Minecraft 1.21 update. You could also just skip the testing and enjoy what's publicly available for Minecraft, like the brand-new Godzilla DLC in the Minecraft Marketplace. There are plenty of ways to enjoy one of the best Xbox games, whether you're just here to have fun or want to get a peek at the future of Minecraft.

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