Minecraft Preview tests changes for creators and more

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What you need to know

  • Minecraft Preview is now rolling out to testers across Xbox, PC, and mobile devices.
  • The pre-release build includes a handful of bug fixes and a variety of creator-focused changes.
  • This includes updates to documentation, APIs, the GameTest Framework, and more.

Minecraft is in a constant state of change, and the latest build bringing new changes is focused on creators, accessibility, and technical features. Minecraft Preview is hardly the most exciting release, but does continue to improve Minecraft in minute ways.

The latest Minecraft Preview update is now rolling out to players, the day after Mojang Studios released a new Minecraft: Bedrock Edition patch update. Players can expect changes to Minecraft's documentation, APIs, and experimental features like the GameTest Framework and Spectator Mode. There are also some minor bug fixes included in this release.

Minecraft still appears on the surface to be the same game it was when it released, but hardly anything about the long-running survival game has been left untouched. Today, Minecraft is hands-down one of Xbox's greatest games, especially for fans of survival or creative games. Those interested in testing upcoming changes and feature additions for Minecraft can take advantage of Minecraft Preview, available across Xbox, PC, and mobile devices.

In case you missed it, Minecraft Live is returning for another year, with plenty of Minecraft-related announcements and news, on Oct. 15, 2022.

The full changelog for Minecraft Preview includes:

Features & bug fixes


  • Scaffolds now burn at a more correct rate, 1/4 of an item
  • Breaking the block below a Snow-covered Flower now makes the Flower drop instead of the Snow Layer


  • Copying a bubble column with the `/clone` command no longer results in invisible water


  • Reverted the change that caused Arrows and Tridents to stop moving
  • Fixed an issue where Wither effect damage would be reduced by armor


  • Fixed Beacon block suddenly disappearing when seen from a distance


  • Fixed an issue where Drowned could change held items when attacking

Touch controls

  • Improved the images for the three control schemes in the touch settings menu

User interface

  • Fixed an issue where players couldn't drag / drop or select items from the equipment page
  • Changed the color of the text descriptions for the "Darkness Effect Strength" and "Notification Duration" accessibility options to a lighter shade to make them more readable
  • Fixed an issue where users couldn't swap unstackable items with touch controls

Technical updates

Entity documentation

  • Removed experimental markers for The Wild Update entity behaviors and components
  • Added documentation for `minecraft:heartbeat`. Rephrased some of the documentation


  • Added support for recipes to use item tags directly instead of item names
    • Added new item tags
    • Converted several recipes from code into their own recipe files
    • Added several recipes using the new tags to override many old, item specific recipes (these still exist for backwards compatability):
    • `barrel`, `beehive`, `bookshelf`, `bowl`, `brewing_stand`, `campfire`, `cartography_table`, `chest`, `composter`, `crafting_table`, `daylight_detector`, `fire_charge`, `fletching_table`, `furnace`, `grindstone`, `jukebox`, `lectern`, `loom`, `noteblock`, `painting`, `piston`, `shield`, `smithing_table`, `smoker`, `soul_campfire`, `soul_torch`, `stick`, `stone_axe`, `stone_hoe`, `stone_pickaxe`, `stone_shovel`, `stone_sword`, `torch`, `tripwire_hook`, `wooden_axe`, `wooden_hoe`, `wooden_pickaxe`, `wooden_shovel`, `wooden_sword`

Experimental features

Add-Ons & script engine

  • Implemented the `has_property`, `int_property`, `bool_property`, `float_property`, and `enum_property` actor behavior filters


  • Updated the API. See the list below for specific changes
    • `Events`:
    • Removed event `tick` — called each tick
    • `System`:
    • Added `run()` — to queue a callback to run next tick, re-queue each tick to get behavior similar to tick event
    • `Block`:
    • Renamed property `id` to `typeId`
    • `BlockComponent`:
    • Renamed property `id` to `typeId`
    • `Entity`:
    • Renamed property `id` to `typeId`
    • Added read-only property `id: string` — Returns a unique identifier for the entity. This identifier remains consistent across world loads.
    • `EntityComponent`:
    • Renamed property `id` to `typeId`
    • `ItemComponent`:
    • Renamed property `id` to `typeId`
    • `ItemStack`:
    • Renamed property `id` to `typeId`

GameTest Framework

  • Fixed a bug where `EntityHurtEvent` would not fire on Player death
  • Renamed experiment GameTest Framework to Beta APIs
  • The now-renamed Beta APIs experiment is still needed to access all beta APIs, including core Minecraft APIs and GameTest APIs

Spectator Mode

  • Spectator players no longer play sounds when entering / exiting bubble columns

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