Fool no one but yourself with dbrand's Switch-like skins for Steam Deck

Steam Deck customized with dbrand's SwitchDeck skin.
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What you need to know

  • dbrand designs and manufacturers skins, cases, and other accessories for a wide variety of products.
  • On Monday, the company released its latest line — the SwitchDeck skins for the Valve Steam Deck.
  • SwitchDeck, erm, decks out your Steam Deck in the classic red and blue of the Nintendo Switch.
  • In classic dbrand fashion, the product pokes fun at Nintendo and the long-standing rumors of a "Switch Pro."

Many gamers have been waiting for literally years for Nintendo to finally unveil a more premium, powerful "Switch Pro" handheld console. Instead, we got the Valve Steam Deck, a monstrous, fully-capable handheld PC equipped with a vast library of Steam titles. On Monday, device customization masters dbrand announced its latest product, and it lets you roleplay that your Steam Deck is the fabled Switch Pro.

SwitchDeck equips your Steam Deck in the legendary red-and-blue colorway of the classic Nintendo Switch, utilizing dbrand's industry leading 0.24mm skins. It looks quite svelte on the Steam Deck, although Windows Central does not recommend sawing your Steam Deck into three pieces as dbrand has done for the SwitchDeck landing page. While SwitchDeck makes your Steam Deck appear like a beefier Nintendo Switch, it does not grant you removable JoyCons.

Now, when you're playing one of your favorite Steam Deck games, you can pretend that you're doing so on a Switch. The SwitchDeck skin is also compatible with dbrand's Steam Deck case, which grants you greater drop protection, superior grips, and an adjustable kickstand. The two-tone red-and-blue design will still be clearly visible, even if you combine it with some of the best Steam Deck accessories to elevate your experience further.

dbrand's SwitchDeck skins for the Steam Deck are available now, alongside dbrand's other Steam Deck skins and accessories. If you haven't picked up a Steam Deck of your own, the handheld console continues to build momentum as more and more games are verified to run great on it. Our Steam Deck review tells you everything you need to know before you pull the trigger.

dbrand SwitchDeck skin for Steam Deck

dbrand SwitchDeck skin for Steam Deck

If you've ever been using your Steam Deck and thinking to yourself, "Gee, this just isn't enough like a Nintendo Switch," then dbrand has you covered with its new SwitchDeck skins.

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