Stardeus for Windows PC looks like Rimworld on a spaceship, and I'm here for it

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What you need to know

  • Stardeus is a new colony sim, being published by Paradox's indie label "Arc." 
  • Developed by Kodo Linija, Stardeus looks like a mash up between colony builders like Rimworld and Factorio. 
  • The game will launch into Steam early access on October 12, 2022. 

Announced today, Stardeus is joining Paradox's indie label "Arc" and heading towards Steam early access for PC on October 12. 

Stardeus is essentially a colony builder, taking inspiration from games like Rimworld, complete with procedurally generated events in a simulated world full of overlapping and intersecting systems. 

The developer notes that the game will be in early access for 2 to 3 years, and will initially focus on balancing the game's systems in a single "Wrecked" scenario. Players will have to use their limited resources to reconstruct a floating, derelict ship in space, utilizing A.I. robotic drones as well as human crewmen. 

The game's trailer showcases a range of features, including ship hydroponics for growing food, a thoroughly dynamic ship construction system, alongside management layers for things like hunger, oxygen levels, power, and more. Some of the dynamic events include alien invasions, asteroid storms, space pirate attacks, and more. The trailer offers a glimpse at early game situations with a half-destroyed ship, towards later-game stages with a full-blown cruiser, complete with shields and weaponry. 

The game has been in a closed alpha state for some time as an independent project. Joining Paradox's indie label should help the game receive some much-needed support on the ops side, as it heads into early access next month. There's no word on pricing yet, but you can wish list the game over on Steam for Windows PC via the link below ahead of its inclusion into early access. 


Stardeus (PC)

Stardeus is an upcoming space colony builder taking cues from the likes of Factorio and Rimworld. Repair and construct your very own space cruiser and explore an unforgiving cosmos, managing your crewmate's needs along the way. 

Wishlist on Steam

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