Valve revamps Steam Mobile app with QR code logins and more cool stuff

Steam Mobile app
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What you need to know

  • Valve updated its Steam Mobile app for Android and iOS devices with a new design.
  • New features include logging into desktop accounts via a QR code alongside simple approve or deny confirmations for easy two-factor authentication.
  • Chat remains a separate app but has been simultaneously updated with bug fixes.

Valve has released a significant update to the Steam Mobile app for Android and iOS devices, featuring a new design and improved two-factor authentication. Upgrading from the simple Steam Guard code generator, users can now scan a QR code shown on the desktop login screen using a camera on compatible mobile devices. You can tap the new 'approve' or 'deny' confirmation on the app for desktop logins if you prefer to use a traditional username and password.

Steam Mobile app for iOS (Image credit: Ben Wilson | Windows Central)

You can manage your Steam account as usual and now make purchases directly from the app, with the option to remotely download games straight to your desktop. As long as your preferred platform is switched on and Steam is running, you'll be able to buy and install games from your phone, ready to play when you're home. Updates to the notifications system can also notify you in the app about sales, so keep your wish lists up to date.

Browsing your Steam games library is easier on the eyes with the new grid format, featuring high-resolution box art for each title where available. The aesthetic falls more in line with the UI featured on Steam Deck, and Valve says they're also working on bringing QR code logins to its handheld console.

The updated Steam Mobile app is available from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Android users can alternatively download a standalone APK installation package if they don't have access to Google's storefront.

One of the more discreet upgrades to the revamped app is the ability to use multiple Steam accounts, perfect for homes with several gamers looking to manage their accounts securely. Personally, our family shares their libraries throughout the whole house, so the improvements to two-factor authentication are very much appreciated.

Valve is still keeping Steam Link for remote play and the dedicated chat app separate from Steam Mobile. Fractured app ecosystems aren't usually the most popular, but the decision is usually made to maintain stability across each feature. Let us know your thoughts about this Steam Mobile app update on the official Windows Central Discord server.

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