Pentiment gets updated with more languages and a new map area

Image of Pentiment 1.2.
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What you need to know

  • Pentiment is a critically-acclaimed narrative RPG from Obsidian Entertainment and Xbox Game Studios.
  • On Thursday, the studio announced that Pentiment is getting the 1.2 patch update on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows PC.
  • The update brings expanded language localization for Russian, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese, and support for language mods on PC.
  • It also adds the new Outer Farms area to the map, where players can find and talk to more characters during their playthroughs.

Xbox Game Studios may have been mostly quiet in 2022, but it did have a least one resounding victory — the practically universally praised Pentiment. Hailing from Obsidian Entertainment and the mind of Josh Sawyer, Pentiment is a historical, point-and-click, narrative-driven RPG acclaimed for its stellar writing and incredible art style. Now, it's just a little bit better.

On Thursday, the team behind Pentiment began rolling out the 1.2 patch update to all players across Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows PC. The update is a modest one, but will still be exciting both for current players and those who may have not played it, yet. Here's what's new.

The Outer Farms area can be found below the Mill, and gives Andreas more ways to chat his time away. (Image credit: Xbox Game Studios | Twitter)
  • Expanded language localization. Pentiment now supports localization for Korean, Japanese, Russian, and Simplified Chinese languages.
    • On PC, Obsidian Entertainment has also updated the game to open support for third-party localization mods
  • New Outer Farms area. Eagle-eyed players may note a new Outer Farms area (shown in the picture above), to which players can travel and speak to more characters. This isn't doesn't dramatically change the game, but does help make Pentiment that much deeper.
    • According to Josh Sawyer, the director behind Pentiment, players can speak to Helena Pfeifferyn and Sepp Hübner in Act I and Act II, and Martha Pfeifferyn in Act III, at the Outer Farms
  • Many optimizations and bug fixes. Also included in the patch is an undisclosed batch of bug fixes and general improvements, as well as wider optimizations of Pentiment's game resources. Hopefully, this will make the game run better and smoother overall.
  • Other changes? On Twitter, Sawyer shared some of the other goodies included in the latest Pentiment update, such as:
    • New maps of Europe added to Andreas' journal
    • A new, alternative end scene for Caspar in Act II
    • Adjusted and additional art
    • New job animations for various characters
    • And more!

I love Pentiment, and I'll gladly (repeatedly) tell everyone around me to go and play it right now. Obsidian Entertainment actually released two astonishingly good games in 2022 (open-world survival game Grounded being the other), but Pentiment is the game that still occupies my thoughts over six months after completing it. It's one of the best Xbox games of 2022. Now, it's a tiny bit better. More importantly, it's also more accessible to more people with expanded language support.

Pentiment is now available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows PC. It's also a permanent part of Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Cloud Gaming, for those who wish to play before they buy. Pentiment's 1.2 patch update is now available to download for those who already have the game. If you don't have the game... What are you waiting for? Go play it.



This is hands-down one of the best games of 2022, due to its stunningly rendered world and intoxicating story of humanity and history. Pentiment is a must-play Xbox title, and it's now a little better.

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