Red Dead Redemption coming to PS4 and Nintendo Switch — but not Windows PC

Red Dead Redemption John Marston
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What you need to know

  • Over the past few weeks, there's been growing evidence pointing to some kind of re-release for Red Dead Redemption such as a remake or remaster. 
  • Red Dead Redemption is officially being ported to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, with the Undead Nightmare expansion include but with multiplayer.
  • There's no PC version of the port, while Xbox players can continue to play the game through backward compatibility. 
  • The game will be available on new platforms for $50 on August 17, 2023.

If you were hoping to again play as John Marston, you're getting your wish. Kind of. 

Following recent signs that some sort of remaster or remake of Red Dead Redemption could be on the way, Rockstar Games shared on Monday that Red Dead Redemption is being ported to PS4 and Nintendo Switch, but not Windows PC. These ports are a "conversion" of the original game being handled by Double Eleven. You can take a look at the trailer below. 

Red Dead Redemption will be available on PS4 and Nintendo Switch for $50 on August 17, 2023. There's no multiplayer mode, but the game does include the Undead Nightmare expansion.

There's also no Xbox version, as the game is currently playable on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One through backward compatibility. Red Dead Redemption even takes advantage of the resolution boost feature to run at 4K on Xbox Series X, and 1440p on Xbox Series S.

Analysis: A port's $50 the world around

It's a little disappointing to see there's no PC release for this, but it seems Rockstar Games isn't interested in a full-on remake or enhanced remaster right now, just a fairly straightforward port. More people getting to play this game is still a good thing, but this does feel like a bit of a missed opportunity. 

I do still firmly believe we'll see a PC release and some kind of remaster or remake, but we'll probably be waiting until after GTA 6 for that.

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