Bungie just broke Destiny 2 on Steam Deck (if you're on Windows) (Update)

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Update: 6:11 AM ET on November 16, 2022

It appears that Destiny 2 is playable on Steam Deck when the device is running Windows. The Reddit poster that ran into issues when attempting to play the game posted an update on the situation. After reinstalling the latest APU driver, they were able to play Destiny 2 on their device.

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  • Bungie appears to have blocked Destiny 2 from running on Steam Deck even when the handheld is running Windows.
  • Destiny 2 and some other popular titles do not work on Steam Deck when it's running SteamOS 3, leading some to install Windows on the device.
  • That no longer seems to be an option for Destiny 2 players, according to a new error message appearing for some users.

While the Steam Deck is a powerful and popular handheld gaming device, it has its limits when running the Linux operating system that it ships with. 

You can grab an SD card for Steam Deck to install full Windows 10 or Windows 11, and for some games, that's often a good option. Some titles, such as PUBG, Overwatch 2, and Destiny 2 do not work on Steam Deck unless you install Windows on the device. That is, until recently. 

According to a Reddit post, Bungie appears to have blocked Destiny 2 on Steam Deck, even if it's running Windows.

"So I just updated to the new APU driver and now Destiny 2 is broken in Windows?" said StuMcDowell on Reddit. They also shared a screenshot that states "Destiny 2 is not currently supported on Steam Deck."

The specific statement in the error message indicates that Destiny 2 is not blocked by a random bug. Instead, Bungie does not support the title on Steam Deck regardless of the operating system on the device.

Destiny 2 blocked on Steam Deck running Windows

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Fans shared their frustration on Reddit in the comment section. "Bungie really seems to hate the deck," said digital souldier.

Bungie addressed the Destiny 2 on Steam Deck situation earlier this year (via GamingOnLinux):

"Our goal is to maintain a secure environment for Destiny 2, as it features both PvE and PvP combat in an evolving, dynamic world. Maintaining the integrity of our security is a complex and long-term process. In some cases it means teaming with partners like BattlEye and following their recommendations, in others, it means choosing to not support platforms that could provide bad actors with ways of compromising our own Bungie developed anti-cheat security systems."

With Windows no longer an option to play Destiny 2 on Steam Deck, fans of the franchise are left without any options on the handheld, at least when it comes to native gameplay. It's possible to stream Destiny 2 through GeForce now if you have a paid subscription and are willing to tinker with some settings.

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