The Division 2 Year 6: Expected start date, roadmap, DLC, and everything we know so far

The cloud and explosion from enemies in the Reanimated Global Event in The Division 2
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The Division 2 currently drops three seasons per year, and as we're in the third Year 5 season right now, that means Year 6 is right around the corner. Despite having confirmed The Division 3 exists, and despite continued waiting on the free-to-play spin-off, The Division Heartland, the current title shows no signs of slowing down. 

As a matter of fact, Year 6 is shaping up to be a huge year for players of The Division 2. The roadmap has changed somewhat through the end of 2023 and into 2024, but there are some major additions expected in Year 6. 

Let's break down what we know so far. Also note there are spoilers ahead relating to the end of the Year 5 Season 3 Manhunt, so if you haven't finished it yet perhaps check back after. 

The Division 2 Year 6 expected start date

The seasonal countdown suggests Year 6 will drop its first season in the first week of June.  (Image credit: Windows Central)

Officially, Ubisoft hasn't announced the start date for Year 6 and its first season, but it's also not much of a secret. In-game, there's a permanent countdown timer for the current season, which you can see at the Seasons Vendor in the Base of Operations. We also know that The Division 2 always does its weekly resets on a Tuesday, so armed with this knowledge, we can make a pretty well-educated guess as to when it'll kick off. 

Counting down from where we are now, the expected start date for Year 6 Season 1 would be Tuesday, June 4. This is, of course, always subject to change if issues arise, but based on the information we currently have handy this is when we can expect to jump into the new year and its first season.  

The Division 2 Year 6 roadmap and new content

The current roadmap for The Division 2 Year 6.  (Image credit: Ubisoft)

The roadmap for The Division 2 has changed in recent months, down to the addition of the gargantuan Project Resolve upgrades. The biggest casualty of this was the release of the planned expansion DLC, slated to take us to an as-yet unexplored part of the universe in Brooklyn, New York. 

Originally, we would have been playing the DLC already. But with Project Resolve being such a large and important part of setting up the game for the future, it was bumped to Year 6, Season 3. That means we won't be seeing it until early 2025 as things currently stand. 

Before that though, there's still a lot to look forward to. Year 6 Season 1 is currently slated as the last to include Project Resolve quality of life improvements before new content kicks off. 

Year 6 Season 2 is marked as the big drop of Seasons 2.0, a revamp to the existing seasonal model, though at this point, we don't have any details on how this will look. 

As ever, there will be a regular rotation of new Apparel Events, and we can expect the regular Leagues and Global Events to continue through Year 6. 

The Division 2 Year 6 new gear

The first bits for Year 6 Season 1 have already been out in public testing.  (Image credit: Ubisoft)

Traditionally, each new season brings with it some new gear in the form of brand sets, gear sets named items and new Exotics. That looks set to continue into Year 6, and the first batch has already been out in testing on the PTS. 

As it's still only been in testing, I won't dwell on the stats right now, as these could easily change before they hit the live servers. But so far, here's what we're looking to get. 

  • Zwiadowka Sp. z o.o brand set
  • Bober named chest piece
  • Eagle's Grasp named gloves
  • Breaking Point gear set
  • Acosta's Kneepads exotic kneepads
  • Overlord exotic shotgun

If you're interested in seeing the stats and talents as they currently stand, check out the most recent PTS patch notes for more. 

There's nothing to suggest that Ubisoft won't keep adding new gear to The Division 2 in the same way. However, with the Season 2.0 revamp planned for the second season of Year 6, there's always a chance what we get and how we get it could change. 

For Year 6 Season 1 things seem to be set to follow the current system, so we'll likely see all of these new items appear on the free track of the Season Pass. 

The Division 2 Year 6 story

The story for Year 6 you'd expect to take a twist following the conclusion of the Alani Kelso Manhunt.  (Image credit: Windows Central)

To this point, there are no details or rumors on where the story will be headed as we enter Year 6. Aside from knowing the DLC that is expected at the tail end of it in early 2025 is set in Brooklyn, we don't have anything concrete to go on. 

However, based on the events that transpired at the end of the Year 5 Season 3 Vanguard Manhunt, we can speculate a little. 

At the end of the Manhunt we learned that long-standing protagonist, Aaron Keener, is actually still alive, as is one of his Rogue Agents from the Warlords of New York campaign, Theo Parnell. Not only this, but our ally throughout the whole of The Division 2, Alani Kelso, is now allied with them. 

The story has expanded that Faye Lau turning Rogue and aligning with the Black Tusk was all part of a wider plan that involved Keener, and now includes Kelso. The final note from Kelso (attained by resetting and replaying the entire Manhunt) simply tells us that Kelso needs to finish what Lau started so we can "win this war." 

Keener's beef seems to be less about The Division and more against the Government, and by extension, Sokolova, the Black Tusk, and the Hunters that are doing the bidding of whatever remains of the Government. As we see the trio driving off in a van over what's presumably the Brooklyn Bridge with what could be a mobile SHD server, it's assumed the next time we see Kelso will be in the DLC. 

A new year, new threats 

The Division 2 has already far outlived what we originally expected its life span to be, and with a sequel likely many years away, there's still a lot of life left in the current game. 

There's already a ridiculous amount of content to play, and Year 6 is going to add even more, as well as revamping the experience players already have further. The story has been advancing through each season, and with the recent change in focus of the seasonal manhunt to focus on Agent Kelso, we could be in for some more tweaks to the existing gameplay loop. 

It's a gold standard example of how to run a live service game, and with no sign of slowing down, it's looking like another exciting year is on the horizon for The Division 2 and its agents. 

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