Vampire Survivors update 1.5 is incoming on Xbox and PC

Vampire Survivors: Legacy of the Moonspell DLC.
(Image credit: Poncle | Steam)

What you need to know

  • Vampire Survivors surprised everybody by being an unbelievably addictive bullet hell that took over Xbox and PC Game Pass.
  • The developer, Poncle, has updated the game with free and paid DLC content multiple times.
  • During the PC Gaming Show the 1.5 update was revealed.

Vampire Survivors shook the gaming sphere and changed a lot of players perspectives of what a high-quality indie game could both look like and cost. The $5 indie is the gift that keeps on giving, and frequently drops free updates as well as paid DLC with additional xbox achievements. If the cost of $5 is too much to try out this action roguelike, it's also available in Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass alike.

During the PC Games Showcase developer Poncle announced that Vampire Survivors will be getting a 1.5 update on June 12. This new update will bring some impressive gameplay changes including a game-show-esque spinning wheel that can trigger random events. Fans of finding weapon evolutions and unions can rejoice as a new GoldFinger pickup will give them a chance to try out new builds, as well.

Stay tuned for information on the update as we find out more.

Cole Martin

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