Don't buy Starfield for full price on PC — it's 20% off elsewhere

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The Starfield Direct was one of the best parts of Microsoft's Xbox Games Showcase on June 11, as it gave fans nearly an hour's worth of brand new gameplay footage, character creation and role-playing details, and more. After it ended, preorders for Starfield went live on Xbox and PC, and fans have been rushing to reserve their copy of the game ahead of its September 6 launch.

If you're planning to get the game on PC, we have good news: right now, you can preorder Starfield on Steam for a massive 20% off through the digital retailer GreenManGaming. This deal applies to both the Standard Edition and the Premium Edition, and taking advantage of it while it's available is a must.

Starfield | $69.99 $55.99 at Steam (GMG)

Starfield | $69.99 $55.99 at Steam (GMG)

Bethesda's highly anticipated sci-fi RPG is available to preorder now, and if you're buying it on PC, you can snag it for a whopping 20% off on GreenManGaming. What a steal!

Starfield Premium Edition | $99.99 $79.99 at Steam (GMG)

Starfield Premium Edition | $99.99 $79.99 at Steam (GMG)

This edition of Starfield is also 20% off, and includes Early Access to the game, access to the Shattered Space Story DLC when it launches, a Constellation Skin Pack, a digital Starfield Art Book, and Starfield's Official Soundtrack.

The Standard Edition of Starfield simply includes the base game, but with the Premium Edition, you'll get several extra goodies. This includes Early Access to the game five days early on September 1, guaranteed access to the Shattered Space Story Expansion when it releases, an exclusive Constellation Skin Pack, and Starfield's Digital Artbook. It also gives you the full Starfield Official Soundtrack to listen to and enjoy.

Both editions of the game come with Starfield's preorder bonuses: an Old Mars Skin Pack and a Laser Cutter item. As long as you purchase either version ahead of the game's release, you'll get these.

For a closer look at everything that was shown during Bethesda's showcase, don't miss our overview of everything we learned from the Starfield Direct. Also, if you're interested in some themed accessories, check out the Starfield-themed wireless Xbox controller and headset that was officially revealed.

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