Starfield-themed wireless Xbox controller and headset officially revealed

Screenshot of the Starfield Xbox Wireless Controller from its reveal trailer.
(Image credit: Bethesda Softworks | Xbox)

What you need to know

  • Following the exciting Xbox Games Showcase, Bethesda Softworks hosted a dedicated Starfield Direct to talk about its upcoming sci-fi RPG.
  • The shorter show detailed a ton of gameplay elements from Starfield, highlighting how truly massive this game will be.
  • During the Starfield Direct, Bethesda and Microsoft also finally unveiled the heavily leaked Starfield editions of the Xbox Wireless Controller and Xbox Wireless Headset.
  • Both accessories are now available to purchase from Microsoft.

The Starfield Direct focused entirely on the upcoming, highly anticipated new IP from Bethesda Softworks and Xbox. Starfield is arriving later this year, and players are undoubtedly excited to finally jump into this massive open-world sci-fi RPG. Now, players can express their excitement with official Starfield-themed Xbox accessories.

The Starfield Edition Xbox Wireless Controller and Xbox Wireless Headset have been leaked by multiple industry insiders for weeks, but have now been properly revealed during the Starfield Direct after the Xbox Games Showcase 2023. The tried-and-true peripherals don stunning matte white color with grey, red, gold, and rainbow accents fully embracing the Starfield aesthetic. Both the controller and headset look amazing, and players have been eagerly awaiting their arrival since they first began leaking.

Now, the wait is over. Starfield officially releases for Xbox Series X|S and Windows PC on Sept. 6, 2023, and players can be ready for it with the Starfield Edition Xbox Wireless Controller and Xbox Wireless Headset, which are now available to buy for $79.99 and $124.99 respectively from the Microsoft Store.

The Xbox Wireless Controller remains one of the best Xbox controllers of all time (and one of the best controllers in general), so it's an easy decision to get it with a slick Starfield-inspired design. The Xbox Wireless Headset is an impressive budget option for those who need wireless audio without breaking the bank, and also counts among the best Xbox headsets in that price range. Even if you don't need a new controller or headset, both these accessories make fantastic additions to any Xbox, Starfield, or sci-fi collection.

In case you missed it, Starfield is now available to preorder! You can also read up on all the details from the Starfield Direct.

The Xbox Games Showcase and Starfield Direct may be hurtling into the past, but Starfield is rapidly approaching from the future. Don't miss a single announcement from one of the biggest Xbox-centric days of the year by tuning into Windows Central's Xbox Games Showcase 2023 live report, filled with the latest reveals, trailers, and exclusive commentary from the team.

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Xbox Wireless Controller — Starfield Limited Edition

Stay in control as you explore countless planets in Starfield with this limited edition Xbox Wireless Controller, decked out in white, grey, red, and gold. Compatible with Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows PC.

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Buy from: Microsoft

Xbox Wireless Headset — Starfield Limited Edition

The Xbox Wireless Headset is a fantastic value-driven wireless gaming headset, and now it looks better than ever with this Starfield-themed limited edition, available now. Compatible with Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows PC.

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Seagate Xbox Game Drive 4TB — Starfield Special Edition

Still need Starfield in your life but need something more cubic? The Seagate Xbox Game Drive with 4TB of storage now comes in a Starfield Special Edition, and it's available now. Of course, you won't want to play Starfield on this, but you can at least store many thousands of screenshots.

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