Starfield Direct: Here's what we've learned about Bethesda's sci-fi RPG

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What you need to know

  • Immediately following the Xbox Games Showcase 2023 was the Starfield Direct, a presentation totally focused on Bethesda Game Studios' upcoming science-fiction RPG. 
  • This in-depth look showed off numerous aspects of the game, from cities and companies to character customization and base building. 
  • Starfield is slated to launch on Sep. 6, 2023 across Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC, and Xbox Game Pass.

It wouldn't be a Bethesda game if we didn't get a lengthy look at all the different systems. 

Closing out the Xbox Games Showcase 2023 was the Starfield Direct, a 40-minute presentation specifically meant to provide a deep-dive into Bethesda Game Studios' Starfield. This science-fiction role-playing game is the first title from Bethesda Game Studios as part of Xbox, and the teams provided an in-depth examination at just about everything the game has to offer.

You can check out the Starfield Direct below:

Starfield has players join Constellation, a space-faring organization dedicated to examining mysterious relics and charting the galaxy. Bethesda showed off expanded character creation, with different traits and skills that players can use, including one that brings back an eerily familiar adoring fan.

Bethesda Game Studios also confirmed the presence of romance, as players will have the opportunity to bond with their companions over the course of their journeys.

Speaking of companions, much like Codsworth in Fallout 4, your loyal robot Vasco will be able to pronounce your name, lending an extra degree of customization in making this your character.

While the team had previously talked about ship customization, this presentation provided an even closer look, showing that players can customize basically every aspect of their ship, from weapons to flight systems. Players can even hire crew members to help them when exploring innumerable worlds.

Base construction has evolved from the systems used in Fallout 4, and players can set up outposts to generate resources on any of the barren worlds they find. Combat has also been improved, with a number of different weapons that can also be customized as much as you want. 

Starfield is scheduled to launch on Sep. 6, 2023 across Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC, and Xbox Game Pass. Preorders for Starfield are live, with early access in the higher-tier editions of the game.

Starfield Premium Edition

Starfield Premium Edition

The Premium Edition of Starfield includes the main preorder bonus and the base game, along with five days of Early Access to the game, access to the Shattered Space Story Expansion when it releases, a Constellation Skin Pack, and access to a Starfield Digital Art Book and its Official Soundtrack.

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