We got our first look at Street Fighter 6's open-world gameplay, new characters coming to Xbox, PC

Street Fighter 6 from State of Play
(Image credit: Capcom (screenshot))

What you need to know

  • Capcom showed off new Street Fighter 6 footage at PlayStation's State of Play presentation on Thursday.
  • We got a glance at a bunch of new characters, along with the look of the game as a whole.
  • Street Fighter 6 was announced earlier this year with a short teaser trailer.

After a short teaser earlier this year, Capcom fully showed off Street Fighter 6 at PlayStation's State of Play event on Thursday. We got a first glance at new characters and the new logo, along with the look and feel of the game, which looks more colorful and pop-art than past entries.

The game was previously announced back in February with a mysterious counter on Capcom's official website. The company showed off a short teaser trailer at the Street Fighter Pro Tour Season Final, with classic character Ryu in a fight with Luke, who will be new to the game. Other characters announced during Thursday's event include Jamie and Kimberly. Jamie wears a yellow tracksuit and looks to be inspired by a Drunken Master style of fighting. We don't get a close enough look at Kimberly to see what she'll bring to the fight.

Most worth noting are the huge changes made to gameplay. One of the big new features is its Drive System, which will allow the player to pull off various skills but only before it runs out. When it's empty, the player will enter "burnout" and be at a disadvantage until it fills up again. The "Drive" moves seem to be universal for each character and feature flashy parries, rush attacks, and more.

Street Fighter 6 open world

(Image credit: Capcom)

The game will have three modes: Fighting Ground, World Tour, and Battle Hub. Fighting Ground is the mode fighting game fans all know and love and Battle Hub seems to be a place where you can pair up into fights, although not a lot of details have been released for that right now.

The big new mode is World Tour, which is a third-person, open-world experience in single-player mode. Again, not much is known for it, but you can get a look at it in the trailer above.

The UI has also gotten an overhaul. The player bars will feature a vitality gauge (or life bar) and the drive gauge. There's also the Super Art Gauge, which will carry over between rounds and will help the player pull off a big attack when it's filled up. Everything else will be familiar to fighting game fans, including a timer and the round count.

Capcom seems to want to make the game more accessible to new players thanks to some simpler controls. For example, you'll be able to perform a Hadouken with one button and not have to memorize so many button combinations. However, two control schemes will be available — one for newer players and one for longtime players who want to use flashy combos.

Another neat new feature is real-time commentary, which will take popular fighting game community announcers and put them in the game. A trailer released after the announcement included Jeremy "Vicious" Lopez and Aru.

Street Fighter 6 is targeting a 2023 release for Xbox Series X|S, PS5, PS4, and PC.

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