Xbox has landed an exclusive trucking sim, with an epic sci-fi twist

Star Trucker is coming to Xbox consoles, PC, and Game Pass on Day One starting September 3.
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What you need to know

  • Developed by Monster & Monster, and published by Raw Fury, Star Trucker is a unique twist on the trucking genre of blue-collar simulators.
  • The game is coming exclusively to PC and Xbox Series X|S consoles on September 3.
  • Players with Xbox Game Pass will be able to access Star Trucker at no extra cost.

If you’ve ever wanted to be a truck driver in space, hauling special space cargo with your unique space rig and encountering unique stellar events and hazards, Raw Fury and Monster & Monster have a game for you. The upcoming space RPG and trucking simulator is heading exclusively to Xbox Series X|S consoles and PC on September 3. Star Trucker will join the Game Pass catalog on day one.  

🪐 Star Trucker 🪐 I Date Reveal Trailer - Coming to Steam and Xbox S/X September 3rd - YouTube 🪐 Star Trucker 🪐 I Date Reveal Trailer - Coming to Steam and Xbox S/X September 3rd - YouTube
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Star Trucker, like many other trucking simulators, will invite players to pilot their own trucking rig, attach cargo, and dock at stations to deliver the goods. Of course, this is in space, now, so there’s also a need to learn how to manage and repair your hull when you run into issues, as well as just successfully navigate the stars. Jobs are procedurally generated in Star Trucker, meaning the player will never run out of quests to keep them busy. 

Side quests featuring fully-voiced characters help to make the galaxy feel alive, and players can communicate with those characters using a CB radio.  Players will have the ability to leave their rig to spacewalk while repairing the rig or collecting salvage. Goods and contraband can be traded, and a functional economy will continue to shake up the galaxy. Star Trucker will be a single-player simulator, and there are no plans from Monster & Monster to introduce multiplayer or co-op in the future.

The PC edition of Star Trucker will support game controllers at launch, along with keyboard and mouse support.

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Xbox may have snagged a platform-specific third party this year with indie games' ahead of September. The game is set to launch exclusively on Xbox Series X|S consoles and includes classic blue-collar trucking gameplay mixed in with a little sci-fi and space.

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