Bethesda confirms city maps, 'new ways of traveling,' and more coming to Starfield

Starfield moon jumping
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What you need to know

  • Bethesda Game Studios shared more details about the road ahead for Starfield via a comment on Reddit. 
  • Bethesda is working on a number of fixes for different issues, with testing to ensure players don't have to roll back saves for quest issues. 
  • The team is also officially working on city maps and "new ways of traveling" in-game.

Spacefarers can expect more updates to Bethesda Game Studios' science-fiction role-playing game early next year. 

Bethesda Game Studios shared an update on the Starfield Reddit, where the developer account explained that the team is working on additional patches and improvements based on player feedback. According to Bethesda, an update is coming sometime early on next year that's meant to provide fixes for several bugs in quests, with extensive testing taking place to ensure players don't have to roll back their saves.

Official mod support was already confirmed to be on the way, with the Starfield version of Creation Kit coming in early 2024, but Bethesda has now officially confirmed that city maps are on way, making navigation in larger areas like New Atlantis easier. 

The team is also working on "new ways of traveling," a purposely-vague statement that's sure to stoke theories. All of these features are expected to roll out alongside bug fixes around every six weeks, though smaller, specific issues can still get targeted patches, such as the reason hotfix for asteroids following players around. 

Analysis: A solid plan in place

Starfield has already gotten better since launch, with updates adding official DLSS support, an FOV slider, and more. It's good to see the team at Bethesda Game Studios finding a rhythm for improvements, and I'm looking forward to seeing just what else is coming to the game in the months ahead. While I know some players would likely have wanted more fixes before the holiday break, at least we won't be waiting too long into 2024 to see more improvements. 

Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer recently shared that Starfield has crossed 12 million players since launch, and I'm expecting that number to go even further when mod support rolls out for Xbox and PC players.

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  • fjtorres5591
    "New ways of traveling" could be as simple as coding a much larger fuel reserve for the skip backpack: same height limit, much longer range per jump. If they don't do it, a modder will.

    Both FALLOUT 4 and SKYRIM have (LEGION) Flight Rings, after all.

    Harder to code but much more interesting would be ground-attack weapons for the ships, with bigger enemy clusters and better ground defenses. Both will come, one way or another. Patience required.