Lies of P director praises Xbox Game Pass and its marketing efforts for supporting a new IP

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What you need to know

  • Ji Won Choi, the director of Lies of P, recently praised Xbox Game Pass during an interview on Game Rant, stating it helped the game gain a massive player base.
  • Lies of P is a Soulslike reimagining of Pinocchio where the player must save the city of Krat from a horde of rampaging Puppets and monsters.
  • Xbox Game Pass is Microsoft's premium subscription service that grants subscribers access to hundreds upon hundreds of Xbox games. 

Game Rant recently conducted an exclusive interview with Ji Won Choi, the director of the Soulslike action-adventure game Lies of P. During the interview (on Game Rant and shared via @IdleSloth84_ at X), Ji Won Choi praised Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass subscription service for including Lies of P as it helped the game achieve worldwide success and accumulate a large number of players.

He states that being included in Xbox Game Pass' library was, and I quote from the article, "one of the best options for us to get the game into the hands of a large community of players." Lies of P's developers, NEOWIZ, definitely made a wise call in this regard, as one of the biggest strengths of Xbox Game Pass is granting players free access to Xbox titles for a small monthly fee.

Game Pass is particularly beneficial for new IPs like Lies of P as it allows subscribers to try them before fully committing to buying them. Especially if a new IP launches with a steep MSRP that may turn off newcomers into trying it. In addition, Ji Won Choi said that Xbox Game Studios lent a ton of marketing aid for Lies of P leading up to its launch on September 18, 2023. 

As a result of these marketing efforts and its day-one launch inclusion on Xbox Game Pass, Lies of P garnered positive critical acclaim and financial success by selling over a million units just under a month after it launched. Not only that, but Lies of P's success has given the developers, NEOWIZ, the finances and resources to start development on its DLC and sequel.

We at Windows Central have also given Lies of P much praise as I personally consider it to be one of the best Xbox games of 2023 that rightfully deserves the success it has achieved. It's got an expansive, dark world to explore, a deep and addicting combat system, and a twisted and fascinating take on the tales of Pinocchio.

If you're a fan of Soulslike titles looking for a challenging adventure to sink your teeth into, check out our review of the Xbox version of Lies of P to see if it piques your interest.

Lies of P is currently available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam.

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