Overwatch 2 cross-progression detailed by Blizzard Entertainment

Wrecking Ball in Overwatch 2.
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What you need to know

  • Overwatch 2 is on the way, and will replace the original Overwatch once it arrives. 
  • Developer and publisher Blizzard Entertainment shared details on how players can merge accounts ahead of the launch to ensure all progress is in one place.
  • This process can only be done once, so it's important to make sure every account is lined up properly. 

Anyone who wants to merge their various accounts to get everything sorted ahead of Overwatch 2 now has that option.

Blizzard Entertainment shared details on Tuesday for how players will be able to merge their accounts, ensuring that they've got everything they've earned in Overwatch carries over into Overwatch 2. This merge will be available for profiles across all platforms, so players can carry over progress from across Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

If your Overwatch player account isn't already linked to a Battle.net account, you'll be required to link to an existing Battle.net account or create one for the first time. This means that once Overwatch 2 launches, players will be able to enjoy all their skins and share progress regardless of where they choose to play.

It's very important to note that this process can only be done once, so players need to double or triple-check that all the accounts are gathered and all the information is correct. Overwatch 2 is replacing the original Overwatch and will be completely free-to-play. 

Looking ahead, Blizzard Entertainment will also stop selling Overwatch loot boxes ahead of the launch of Overwatch 2, with sales stopping on Aug. 30, 2022. The PvP portion of Overwatch 2 is currently slated to arrive on Oct. 2, 2022, while the PvE story content is slated to arrive at a later date.


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