Pokemon-like 'TemTem' heads to Xbox and PC on September 6, pre-orders now live

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What you need to know

  • TemTem will release on September 6 on Xbox, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Humble Store and Steam.
  • Pre-orders are live for digital and physical editions, including a digital deluxe version with cosmetic bonuses.
  • A separate TemTem Collector's Edition bundle includes a statue diorama, replica Temcards, and enamel pins.

Fans of Pokémon rejoice because developers Humble Games and Crema have announced an official September 6 launch date for their online creature collecting game TemTem alongside a launch trailer. Featuring a story mode similar to the popular pocket monster series, players can travel across six vibrant in-game islands in the Airborne Archipelago on an adventure to become a TemTem tamer, battling against the evil Clan Belosto antagonists.

You don't have to play TemTem alone either, thanks to its online world with tamers from around the globe able to join and team up for co-op adventures, including the game's dual battles. Customizable cosmetics for your character, such as head-to-toe cosplays of your favorite TemTem creatures, are part of the personalized multiplayer experience. Purchase houses in the game's Atoll Row area and decorate them just like in Animal Crossing, then invite your online friends inside.

Competitive battles involve selecting eight TemTem each to begin a pick and ban phase, allowing your opposition to decide which creatures stay in your squad and vice versa until only five remain. The gameplay is unmistakably inspired by Pokémon, with creatures hatching from eggs and leveling up to learn new abilities or caught using possibly the most important mechanic of all: a fishing rod. Battle in dojos, TemTem's answer to Pokémon gyms to become the ultimate TemTem tamer with a deeper online player interaction than the competition.

Pre-orders are live for physical and digital editions of TemTem, including a digital deluxe version that includes bonus cosmetics. A physical TemTem Collector's Edition bundle with a statue diorama, replica Temcards, enamel pins, and more will be available separately from the game. Seasonal updates will follow the launch of version 1.0, alongside a battle pass including free and premium rewards. Weekly quests and an endgame island promise to keep TemTem fun and relevant for as long as possible.

TemTem - Pre-order (Xbox)

TemTem - Pre-order (Xbox)

An online creature collecting adventure, TemTem looks to be a strong competitor to the popular Pokemon franchise. Pre-orders are live now.

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