The Xbox September Update brings library redesign, new installation options, and much more

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What you need to know

  • The Xbox September Update is bringing a myriad of improvements to the entire Xbox ecosystem.
  • Players will be able to customize the color of the Xbox button on Xbox Elite Series 2 controllers, with the white colorway now being available.
  • The games library is also being redesigned alongside new default installation options for games and apps.
  • Xbox Game Bar sharing on PC, party noise chat suppression on Xbox One and PC, and mobile app parties are also included in the round-up of updates.

The Xbox ecosystem regularly enjoys fresh updates to tweak the experience across Xbox, PC, and mobile platforms, add new features and improvements, and respond to community feedback and requests. The next round of updates for the Xbox ecosystem looks to bring a ton of new features to players, as revealed by Microsoft on Wednesday.

The Xbox September Update is now rolling out to players, and there are plenty of exciting additions to explore. This is one of the more substantial Xbox platform updates in recent memory, with new features in tow for Xbox consoles, PCs, and even the Xbox mobile app on Android and iOS.

The Xbox September Update for 2022 includes:

  • A full games library redesign. Arguably the most exciting change with the Xbox September Update is the games library revamp, which brings a refreshed and cleaner design, as well as improved navigation and access to your entire library of games and apps with a tabbed interface.
  • Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 customization. The Xbox Accessories app has received an update that allows players to customize the color of the Xbox button on their Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2. Players will be able to customize the hue and saturation of the button through the entire RGB spectrum.
  • Default installation options. It'll now be much easier to manage multiple storage drives on Xbox, as improved default installation options let you choose the preferred storage for each game and app type, instead of choosing one default option for everything.
  • Xbox Game Bar sharing. The Xbox Game Bar is a powerful gaming tool for Windows PCs with a plethora of options and resources, and it's now getting a little better. With the Xbox September Update, players can obtain a shareable link for any game capture, improving the overall sharing experience.
  • Party chat noise suppression expansion. Xbox Series X|S owners already have access to party chat noise suppression, which aims to reduce unwanted noise while in parties, but the feature is now rolling out to Xbox One and Windows PC platforms.
  • Improved parties in mobile apps. Parties are also improving inside the Xbox app on Android and iOS, with a new "Parties" tab letting players access their most recent parties, start new ones, and invite friends to existing parties.

The Xbox September Update for 2022 is in the process of rolling out across the entire ecosystem, including Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows PCs, and Android and iOS, although it may take time for it to surface for individual players. While the headlining feature of this round of updates is undoubtedly the redesign of the full library, there are plenty of other exciting changes in this release. Of course, players in the market for a new controller can also now pick up the White edition of the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2, which is hands-down one of the best Xbox controllers you can buy.

You can view images of the Xbox September Update, as well as purchase the new Xbox Elite controller, below.

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