Ubisoft is taking a stand against mouse and keyboard cheaters in Rainbow Six Siege on console

XIM controller for Xbox
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What you need to know

  • Ubisoft has announced plans to clamp down on Rainbow Six Siege players on consoles using mouse and keyboard. 
  • Devices like the XIM and Cronus that spoof a mouse and keyboard as a controller can be detected and will be dealt with. But not with bans. 
  • Mouse and keyboard offer an advantage against controller players and Ubisoft is going to level the playing field again. 

If you currently use something like a XIM or Cronus device to spoof Rainbow Six Siege into allowing you to use a mouse and keyboard on your Xbox, then you need to listen up. 

Your time is up. 

Ubisoft has announced that it not only has a tool to detect your cheating but that it's going to make sure you don't want to use it by messing with your super happy fun mouse and keyboard time by adding increased latency to screw up your aim. 

So you won't get banned, but your games will be purposely made bad until you unplug it and play like everyone else. 

In the video above (click play to start at the relevant part), Ubisoft talks about the tool it calls Mousetrap. Cute, right? 

Mousetrap is designed to detect these supposedly undetectable devices. Better still, it has been secretly running in the background for a while now and Ubisoft says it's well aware of who is using these devices to spoof a mouse and keyboard. 

The added latency will start out almost unnoticeable but will begin to increase over subsequent matches. To make it start going back down again you'll have to unplug your spoofing device. Basically, Ubisoft is going to make it such a pain to use in the first place that hopefully you'll just stop altogether and play with a controller like your other console buddies. 

There is a question over accessibility, with some players legitimately using one of these devices to help them play at all. Ubisoft is sympathetic to anyone doing this and wants to hear from its players who use them in this way. 

But the sad truth is that the vast majority of these devices are essentially used to cheat. To gain an advantage over the controller using crowd because a mouse and keyboard allow for better movement and more accurate aim. That's why these things are sold at all. 

For accessibility on Xbox, Microsoft has its own excellent Adaptive Controller that is a much better shout anyway. For everyone else, time to play nice or have a horrible time. 

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