Xbox Design Lab scores five limited edition Redfall controllers

Image of the five Redfall Limited Edition Xbox Design Lab controllers.
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What you need to know

  • Redfall is just around the corner, and Xbox is celebrating with five new additions to Xbox Design Lab.
  • For a limited time, anyone can customize their very own Redfall controller, choosing from five unique designs.
  • Four of the designs are themed after Redfall's main characters, with the fifth centered around vampires.
  • The limited edition Redfall designs are available now in Xbox Design Lab, and start at USD $84.99.

Redfall officially drops on May 2, 2023, so we really don't have to wait long before we can all begin slaying vampires with reckless abandon. Before the highly anticipated first-party Xbox game launches, however, players can treat themselves to some exclusive Redfall hardware. The Xbox Design Lab has been bolstered with the Redfall Limited Edition Xbox Wireless Controller.

Announced by Xbox on Wednesday, the Redfall Limited Edition controller is a bit different from previous special Xbox controllers. Instead of being a set edition that you buy, players are actually able to fully customize their Redfall controller through the power of Xbox Design Lab. Even better, there are five starting designs from which to choose, and they all look amazing.

The standard "Bite Back" variant is dark, red, and screams of vampires. You also get four other variants, with each one themed after one of Redfall's four main characters (Layla, Remi, Devinder, or Jacob). Each design is wholly unique, and can be further customized with a new back plate color, one of four battery door engravings, rubberized grips, new trigger, bumper, D-Pad, and button colors, a personalized front engraving, and more.

The controllers start at USD $84.99 just for a standard Redfall Limited Edition Xbox Wireless Controller with no added customizations, but the cost can rise if you opt to pay for engravings, upgraded grips, metallic triggers and D-Pads, and more. You can make your controller exactly as you want it, with practically endless options for customization.

The Xbox Wireless Controller is still our pick for the best overall Xbox controller, thanks to its best-in-class design and multi-platform compatibility. With Xbox Design Lab, you can make it your very own. Now, that also includes a bit of Redfall magic. Redfall launches on May 2, 2023 across Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC, and Xbox Game Pass. If you can't wait to play, Redfall is now available to preorder.

Xbox Wireless Controller — Redfall Limited Edition

Xbox Wireless Controller — Redfall Limited Edition

Choose from five incredible, Redfall-inspired designs and create your own custom Xbox Wireless Controller with Xbox Design Lab. Customize the grips, triggers, buttons, engravings, and much more.

Buy from: Xbox Design Lab

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