Redfall: Arkane just announced some bad news for Xbox players

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What you need to know

  • Redfall is an upcoming first-person open-world shooter developed by Arkane Austin and published by Bethesda Softworks.
  • Arkane Austin confirmed that Redfall will launch with a Quality mode on Xbox consoles, running at 4K on Xbox Series X and 1440p on Xbox Series S. 
  • A 60 FPS performance option will be added sometime post-launch. 
  • Redfall is currently scheduled to launch on May 2, 2023. 

If you enjoy playing games on console with the framerate cranked up over the resolution, there's a some disappointing news. 

Arkane Austin confirmed on Wednesday via Twitter that its upcoming vampire hunting game Redfall will be launching with a Quality mode only on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. The game will run at 4K on Xbox Series X, and 1440p on Xbox Series S, with 30 FPS in Quality mode on both consoles. 

The studio did share that a 60 FPS performance option is in the works, but will not be available at the game's launch. There is not currently an estimated timeframe for when this update will be available. 

Redfall preorders are currently available, and the game is set to launch on May 2, 2023 across Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Windows PC. Like all Xbox first-party titles from Bethesda Softworks and Xbox Game Studios, it'll also be available day one in Xbox Game Pass.

Windows Central's take

While I do appreciate the team's transparency on sharing this information ahead of the game's launch, there's no denying that it is disappointing. The vast majority of games released across the Xbox Series X and PS5 have had some kind of 60 FPS option at launch, with a handful of games running at 120 FPS

Now, Redfall isn't the first current-gen exclusive to launch at only 30 FPS, with both Gotham Knights and A Plague Tale: Requiem having only a 30 FPS mode at launch and to date. That said, Redfall is a first-person game, the genre that is by far most sensitive to increased framerate.

If anything, I think I'd have preferred Redfall launching with only a Performance mode, and the Quality mode coming at a later date. I'll still play it day one, but this is for sure a bummer.

Update: Our review for Redfall is live. The 30-hour campaign while fun at certain points, is bogged down by technical issues and gameplay problems that hold it back from being one of the best Xbox games.



Redfall is coming, and you can pick from one of four characters at launch. Jacob has a ghostly eye and a persistent raven companion that can help him stun or mark enemies. If that fails, there's always a spectral sniper rifle. 

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