Xbox leak confirms at least one major exclusive game for tomorrow's Xbox Games Showcase

Undead Labs is rebranding with a new logo.
(Image credit: Undead Labs)

What you need to know

  • Undead Labs is the studio behind the much anticipated State of Decay 3, which was originally revealed during the 2020 Xbox Showcase.
  • A press kit linked on the official Undead Labs website included information about the trailer for State of Decay 3, which will be shown during the 2024 Xbox Showcase, and a rebranding of Undead Labs.
  • The leaked press kit has since been removed, along with any other information, except for a landing page on the Undead Labs website.

A leak originating from a publicly available press kit on the Undead Labs website has confirmed that a new trailer for the Xbox-exclusive State of Decay 3 will be part of the 2024 Xbox Showcase. The confirmation was in the final paragraph of the press kit, acknowledging that the trailer would coincide with the announcement of a rebranding for Undead Labs.  

The press kit was first posted by @Gematsu on Twitter.

The Undead Labs press release, shared by @Gematsu, elaborates how the studio partnered with 51 Eggs, a firm dedicated to branding, to shift the studio brand away from its independent roots to one that more closely coincides with parent company Xbox. Undead Labs chief of staff Vicki Ebberts is quoted as saying, "It felt right — and also the right time — that our brand reflected how much we've grown and changed." 

Undead Labs' founder left the studio shortly after its acquisition by Xbox in 2018. Phillip Holt then took the role of Studio Head and began expanding Undead Labs from its Seattle roots to include satellite offices in Illinois and Florida. "We wanted to give the creatives we work with a collective identity that transcends zombies," said Holt.

Undead Labs has since nuked all content on the company website except for a landing page that features team members standing at the studio's elevator doors. 

It's been 4 years since gamers got their first look at Undead Labs' next entry in the State of Decay series. State of Decay 3's official announce trailer stole the 2020 Xbox Showcase, featuring footage of a survivor encountering an infected deer in a snowy wood. There has not been a confirmed release date for State of Decay 3 as of yet, but the game is headed to Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass when it does launch. There has also been no indication that State of Decay 3 will be among the titles that could potentially have a port on PlayStation in the future. 

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