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Garmin Nüvifone G60 delayed

Earlier this year we reported on the Garmin Nüvifone G60, a collaboration between GPS giant Garmin and Taiwanese hardware manufacturer Asus. The G60 was first announced back in January of 2008 and slated for a third-quarter 2008 launch that would eventually be delayed until June of 2009. It now looks as if that delay wasn't the last one for the G60.

Engadget Mobile is reporting that the G60 has been delayed once again with an anticipated release sometime during the third quarter of 2009. The company is citing hardware/software complexities as the reason behind the pushed back release date.

The G60 was first thought to be a Windows Mobile phone but development has since gone the direction of Linux OS.  The Garmin M20 is a Windows Mobile based phone and is still slated for a Summer '09 release.

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  • The G60 is a Linux phone, not Windows Mobile.
  • It's our understanding it is a Windows Mobile based phone. But things change and we'll double check.
  • The M20 is WM based not the G60.
  • are correct and the article has been updated. Apparently WM got changed out for Linux at some point. Thanks for the info.
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