The Garmin VIRB Elite action camera gets an official Windows Phone app

Garmin, maker of the VIRB action camera, has announced today an official Windows Phone app for interacting with and controlling the camera. Available to download now via the Windows Phone Store, the Elite remote app offers a pretty decent looking feature set.

VIRB Elite remote control app, our free remote control for Garmin VIRB Elite, is now available for Windows Phone. Windows Phone users can now stop and start their VIRB action camera from recording, control the camera settings like resolution and frames-per-second and shoot photos on their VIRB all from the app.

It's only compatible with the VIRB Elite camera but it's free to download and we're pleased to see another manufacturer get behind Windows Phone with their connected devices.

QR: Garmin Virb

Source: Garmin Thanks Emiliano for the tip!

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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