Gears Pop! will take fun-sized Gears of War action mobile

Gears of War 5 drew all of the attention from fans of the franchise at Microsoft's E3 2018 presentation, but Microsoft's also had something a little more fun-sized in mind for mobile phones. As part of a collaboration with Funko Pop, Microsoft took the wraps off of Gears Pop!, a new mobile title coming to Android and iOS.

There's little to go off of for now, but Microsoft says (opens in new tab) the game will bring a "unique mobile spin" to the Gears series. And if you're an avid collector of Funko Pop's infectiously cute vinyl figures, then there's a whole lot to like here.

From Microsoft:

We're working with our friends at Funko to bring a unique mobile spin to the world of Gears. Developed in partnership with Mediatonic, Gears Pop! brings together iconic Gears characters in a cute Funko Pop! style. It's the perfect slice of mobile mayhem. It will be available on iOS and Android in 2019.

So, mobile fans will have some Gears action to look forward to in 2019. Whether the cutesy art style will go over well with fans who are used to the Gears franchises dark tone remains to be seen, but it stands a chance of capturing some portion of the mobile market with such a major property.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • i like the idea of a new twist to the Gears franchise. But seriously, where is the Win10 version?
  • Well, that seems pretty dumb. They want to take the gritty, hardcore, gory franchise of Gears and sell it as play toys?
  • You seem confused, as if this is something that's never been done before with any adult-oriented IP...
  • What about *cough* the Microsoft Store? I just see Apple App Store and Google Play...