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Gears Tactics possibly headed to Xbox One, despite PC 'exclusivity' (Updated)

Gears Tactics
Gears Tactics (Image credit: Microsoft)

Update January 9, 2019: Razer has updated its list of keyboard and mouse-supported titles to remove Gears Tactics.

Original article:

Gears Tactics is Microsoft's upcoming turn-based spin-off of the Gears of War shooter series. Following its reveal at E3 2018 adjacent to Gears 5, details are scarce on the XCOM-style strategy experience. While first unveiled as a Windows 10 PC exclusive, a new listing indicates a planned Xbox One expansion.

With mouse and keyboard now supported on Xbox One, third-party accessories manufacturer, Razer is showcasing its new couch-friendly Turret setup. At CES 2019, the firm has also detailed a refreshed list of titles, including Gears 5 and Gears Tactics. And while yet to be formally revealed, its Xbox One debut wouldn't be surprising.

Gears of War has been a staple of the Xbox lineup for over a decade. With Xbox One mouse and keyboard support recently revealed (and deployed) on the console, Gears Tactics could be a perfect fit for Microsoft's home console. Microsoft's Executive Vice President of Gaming, Phil Spencer, has previously indicated keyboard-only titles aren't ruled out entirely.

As with any unconfirmed reveals, take the news lightly until Microsoft issues a formal statement. We've reached out to Microsoft and will update this article upon a response.

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Matt Brown
Matt Brown

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  • Hopefully it will be good. After the E3 announcement and how many fans already wrote it off cause of it only being on PC wonder if that is the reason it is being put on the Xbox.
  • More likely it's because they are now bringing M&K support to Xbox One officially.
  • Keep Up. There has been a redefinition of the term "exclusive". I am guessing from now on saying Windows PC exclusive just means it won't be on MacOS or Linux not that it won't ever see the light of day on an Xbox console. Similar to how Microsoft started using console exclusive to mean it won't be on a competitors console not that it will not come to their Windows PC at some point.
  • Meaning of a word cannot be redefined.
  • Which is stupid.
  • I would also like to see Gears POP! come to Windows as well.
    Mostly because I won't play in the other ecosystems.
  • I wouldn't be surprise if this actually happens. MS usually does that a lot. Announce something is exclusive to a platform and then just change it later on. I don't think I'll ever trust them when they talk about exclusives.
  • Was only on PC, now also on Xbox.
    Problem? Cause it's a pro user move?
  • It's not about agame coming on a platform, it's about being honest to your customers and gamers in general.
    When people say DR3 or Ryse is a XB1 exclu and it'll not come to PC...
    When they waited the holiday season to end before announcing that QB was going to PC just a couple of months before launch (as if they didn't know they were making a PC version).
    When they were misleading people about RoTR being exclusive to XB1 with SQ unable to talk about it being timed. It was just because of all the noise and everything that happened that Spencer was forced to admit that it was timed (without clearly telling us for how long). This type of dishonesty in order to mislead consumers is not pro user. It's anti consumer no need to damage control it...
  • I would like this game to be machine learned. The layouts could then be set on top of Google Imagery. Easily modding for neighborhood percentage understandings of how shootings play out at the ground level.