Xbox One mouse and keyboard headed to Gears 5, The Sims 4, Roblox, and more (update)

Xbox One picked mouse and keyboard support back in 2018, offering the first alternative to the standard gamepad. Taking to its X018 showcase in Mexico, Microsoft unveiled a select pool of titles planning support, with more to come later down the line.

At CES 2019, third-party accessories manufacturer Razer is showcasing its new Turret keyboard, designed for Xbox One couch-gaming. Paired with its reveal, the firm has detailed a refreshed list of planned mouse and keyboard games.

Updated January 8, 2019: Cecilia Lee, community manager on PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG), has taken to Reddit to refute the debut of mouse and keyboard on Xbox One. While PUBG was "incorrectly listed" it's unclear if other titles were erroneously included.

Updated January 9, 2019: Razer has issued an updated list removing Gears Tactics.

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Among the new entries, Gears 5, PUBG, and The Sims 4 join upcoming titles. Microsoft's Sea of Thieves also makes its debut, paired with Roblox and Surviving Mars. Upcoming turn-based strategy spin-off, Gears Tactics is also listed, despite being a planned Windows 10 PC exclusive.

This raises the current Xbox One mouse and keyboard portfolio to 23 titles, as detailed in our full list.

List of Xbox One mouse and keyboard games

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