Gears of War 4 Title Update deploys campaign and multiplayer fixes

Gears of War 4 has received its first update today, which is set to deploy fixes to both the singleplayer campaign and multiplayer matchmaking.

The title update's biggest change addresses an issue in the campaign's third act, which can block progress past the fifth chapter. While a chapter restart was previously required, the update is set to eliminate this hindrance. Today's update comes in at an estimated 200MB on Xbox One, and a slightly larger 300MB on Windows 10.

A server side update is also being deployed, which revolves around balancing and connectivity in the game's multiplayer portion. While this update is automatically applied, The Coalition has warned of potential server disruptions during the rollout period.

Here are the changes from today's matchmaking update:

Matchmaking UpdateOur Online Services team continue to work around the clock on rectifying some of the matchmaking issues encountered by players. We have deployed another server side update which we anticipate will improve matchmaking wait times. We'll be monitoring it's impact closely.Dodgeball Rounds To Win IncreaseRounds to Win: 3 -> 4. We've increased the Rounds to Win limit to extend the time spent in Dodgeball matches, which our data and fan feedback indicates is currently running a little on the low side.Credits ChangeWe've made some changes to the Credit Gain rate based on our data and fan feedback.

Have you picked up Gears of War 4? Have you encountered any issues? Make sure to let us know in the comments section!

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  • Will download update soon as I get home from work.
  • It introduced a new bug in multiplayer though . . . The game pauses for a second EVERY TIME before a multiplayer match. It's ******* me off so much haha it better be fixed soon!
  • Yup... And the menu freezes/glitches out sometimes as well.
  • I can confirm the bug Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No issues, I beat the game on hardcore with no problems in 12hrs. Awesome game. Actually has me wanting you buy the books to flesh out the story even more. Got some rare achievements too. I beat it during the early access.
  • It was a good game with a decent story that keeps you playing til the end. I liked the little cut scene after the credits. "Where's everybody at?".
  • Agree, some reviews commented on campaign to lack depth of "new" characters compared to earlier games but I'm also all in and want more background on story. Haven't played Gears since first game, long time ago, and is totally blown away. Playing 4K on 60" TV with GTX 1070 and it runs smooth as butter. This is a masterpiece, especially from a technical point, with regard to UWP and Microsofts platform. Future looks bright and congrats to the the teams setting a new standard (compare to Mafia III)...
  • They seriously need to add to social. Team Deathmatch should be a option by itself