Gears of War Ultimate Edition for Windows 10 to be released after Xbox One version

Microsoft will released the graphically remastered sci-fi shooter Gears of War Ultimate Edition for both the Xbox One and Windows 10, but it looks like the latter edition will be coming out sometime after the console version.

In a Twitter message, Xbox head Phil Spencer stated, "Gears on Win10 is later than Xbox One version." The Xbox One edition is currently scheduled for release on August 25, but so far Microsoft has not offered a firm release date for the Windows 10 version.

Microsoft has confirmed that the PC version of the game will include support for 4K displays, unlimited refresh rates, and mouse and keyboard support in addition to wireless controllers. It will also have Xbox Live and Windows 10's game DVR features. Microsoft has also said it plans to port the Xbox One fighting game Killer Instinct to Windows 10 but no other details have been revealed.

Source: Phil Spencer (Twitter)

  • Gears 1 is an old game that has already seen its release on Windows.. More Halo games please.( Halo 3 as a start, lol)
  • Major nelson teased mcc coming to pc
  • True. Makes no sense to me releasing half of the titles on PC and not releasing the rest. Halo 1 and 2 got released but nothing after that. Same with Gears of War
  • Because Microsoft realized they need their best games to be exclusive to their console.
  • Then they should just stick to that realization and not do a gears of war 1 for PC again since the original is still there and working.
  • Steam? And yeah, already out, hope about that awesome mcc? Without the bugs obviously. Can't wait for w10!
  • Wouldn't hold your breath for Microsoft putting first party titles on Steam. Probably a W10 Store purchase.
  • Steam is a competitor. Microsoft has their own brand (Xbox) and their own distribution system (the Windows 10 Store). It makes zero sense to put their games on Steam and pay Valve a cut of the money while also building up their brand for free instead of keeping it in their own Store, collecting all the profits, and building up their own brands (Xbox and Windows 10).
  • They're already putting their games on Steam and it makes perfect sense because that's where the money is. Not many will buy from the Windows Store, because its future is not yet well-grounded.
  • They have released a few, very select games on Steam, but only because Windows 10 wasn't out yet and Windows 8 didn't have the market share that Windows 7 had. With the free upgrade for all Windows 7 and Windows 8 users, now is the time for Microsoft to stop foolishly putting their games on Steam and, instead, put them in the Windows Store. If PC gamers won't buy games like Fable Legends, Gigantic, Gears of War Ultimate, Killer Instinct, Sea of Thieves, etc, just because it's in the Store instead of Steam, then that's their loss. But I think you're wrong: I think they will, especially if Microsoft makes it unambiguously clear that their games will never be on Steam again. Steam is nothing but Skymall for PC games. It doesn't deserve the monopoly it has.
  • I agree monopolies are bad but msft haven't brought the goods to their prime and most pervasive platform: The pc. Steam filled that gap and ran with it. So the exclusives may not come, I guess then they don't get bought. Given most of the biggest releases do get on there it's no big loss. Can always buy an xbox or whatever for the rest..
    Will say it's ironic you bring up monopoly given msft is the biggest.
    I'm for consumer choice and I welcome more choice so hey; whatever msft do they can bring! Can't wait for w10!
  • That's how you well-ground the feature. When Steam was relaesed that was the only way to play Counter Strike 1.6 or Half Life 2 and it worked for Valve. There was backlash as well.
  • Thank you. Steam, as far as pc gaming is concerned, is where it's at. MSFT have made many blunders in this area. I want these games but I'm not so sure I necessarily buy into msfts commitment to pc gaming. I'll happily buy if I can use the game on the xbox and pc, well I only play on pc to be honest, if at all, but I'm hesitant to say I'm all in ... Well I just need to see more. Either way, I have a steam game library and would love these games to be a part of that.
  • Steam isn't as big as many think. Steam themselves said the average sales of a game is around 30,000. That's actually really poor. The witcher 3 dev stated out of all witcher 3 pc sales, only 43% were through steam. That's much lower than many thought. When you consider windows 10 store will have the upcoming new age of empires, halo master chief collection, gears of war ultimate edition, killer instinct, sea of thieves to name a few pc exclusives that steam wont have. Steam begins to look pointless. Plus now xbox one is getting mouse and keyboard cross play with windows 10 players pretty much kills steam.
  • Firstly that is an average number over the total number of titles in steam, so of course that number is like that, especially given how big the game catalogue is. Secondly 43% on steam? That's way too high, I thought gog had more pc sales that steam - and add in ps4 and xbox - so if steam sales accounted for 43% over 4 million sales that is a massive number of sales. I personally don't believe it's that high but I've read the article where it was stated. Finally I'm all for choice and if, after so many long years, msft get their heads together and treat pc right in going to be really happy. But tho say steam is pointless is just plain wrong. They've pretty much kept pc gaming going.
  • No your you've not understood. 43% of all pc sales were steam. Not 43% of all formats. Also that average is incredibly low when you consider that the average on xbox one including all the poor crappy titles is 300,000 +.
  • You're right, 43% of pc, more from gog, and the rest picked up from whatever little vendor. Still, that's quite a proportion. And steam has way more rubbish and early access games than xbox. Either way, steam still isn't pointless, irrespective of sales or whatever. And I value the choice. As I've said, if msft can get it together in more than happy to spend my money with them. When I bought gta v it was on steam. Didn't really have a choice
  • I'm fine with it being in the store so long as theirs a system in place like steam were if the store fails you still keep the games... Plus I like the xbox stuff
  • Great news about Killer Instinct! Haven't played that since Nintendo 64 days. Saberwolf
  • You can play right now on xbox one. Full complete edition for 50% off at the moment. Best fighter for me since soul calibur 2.
  • When I get my Surface Pro 4, I'll tell the iOS and Android haters " You have Angry Birds 2, but I have Gears of War: Ultimate Edition!" Suck it!!!!!
  • Lol
  • I'm actually looking forward to this release on PC mostly because I hope the multiplayer community comes back.  Even though I've played through the game multiple times on the 360, I would love to try some competitive gears on the PC.
  • good news. many good games are coming to Windows 10 store. :) that's always good!
  • This isn't news.  We have known this since it was announced. Gears UE PC was always a "holiday release" while the XBO release was alway August.
  • So if it says Xbox Live, will we be able to cross play campaign/multiplayer with Xbox One players?
  • I imagine all cross platform (XB1/PC)games will be the same price since buying on PC would be cheaper than buying on console and u would still have access to both.
  • Why would PC be cheaper?
  • PC is traditionally cheaper for MSRP. $10 is the standard difference in price.
  • Have they said if they are remastering 360 gears or PC Gear with the 'added story elements and boss battle'? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The 360 gears 1 will not get the extra levels. The original PC version of gears 1 already included those levels.
  • Pretty certain I have read that it'll be a Remaster of the PC version.
  • Hope it has splitscreen.. I wanna play with my friend on pc..
  • Probably Xbox SDK for Windows 10 is another delayed feature that they have't been able to deliver by W10 launch date.
  • Will this game be cross-buy? As in if I purchase the digital version on Xbox One, will I then get it for free on PC? If so, I'll buy digital, but if not, I'll be getting this in disc form.
  • No xbox exclusive titles will be on steam. Xbox exclusives are how steam loses. Of pc sales only 43% of pc users purchased witcher 3 on steam. The other 57% did not use steam but other methods. That's directly from the dev. So xbox on windows 10 can definately ruin the steam party on pc. Especially when steam has no exclusives whatsoever.
  • Yes, just like all the EA exclusives on Origin killed Steam... /s  Most PC gamers will tell you exclusives do nothing but hurt gaming. If you try to force people to use a platform they dislike (like Ubisoft's uPlay), chances are most will simply hack your game. Some might buy the game to help the devs, then crack it so it can be launched from their Steam library (or other preferred manner) anyway. The fact of the matter is that Microsoft does not have a very good reputation among PC gamers, so people will be cautious before dipping their toe into the closed ecosystem the Windows Store offers.
  • You cant really compare microsofts first party to ea games. There's a plethora of quality titles coming to xbox windows 10 from Microsoft that steam wont have. Age of empires 4 will be a huge one. I'm betting halo mcc will be to. Sea of thieves, gears of war ultimate edition, to name a few. I also heard rumours of forza horizon 2 of course we already know fable legends. Then there's full xbox live integration for all games bought through windows 10 store. Achievements, cross play, cross buy, full unified xbox one and xbox pc friends list, game dvr, screenshot capture, etc. There's a huge amount on xbox pc not possible on steam.
  • Is it going to be available in windows 10 app store directly? Will it have Xbox live achievements, party, and match making?
  • Iron Galaxy aren't doing the PC port are they?...if so it will definitely need longer ;-)