Get fit and trim with Perfect Workout for Windows Phone

The Windows Phone Store has a host of exercise apps, many designed for intense, short daily workouts to knock your body back into shape. Perfect Workout from Perfect Thumb hopes to catch your eye with over 100 animated workouts, daily reminders and progress charts.

Perfect Workout is a free Windows Phone app that comes with a full-body workout and add-on exercise packs available through in-app purchase. The exercise app hit the Store recently and makes a nice first impression.

Perfect Workout follows the trend of other Windows Phone apps from Perfect Thumb with a minimalistic design. Your main page has a stopwatch to launch your workout, an animated figure to demonstrate the exercise and a choice of exercises. The free version of Perfect Workout comes with a Full Body exercise routine with additional routines available through in-app purchase.

Perfect Workout

The exercise packs focus on particular areas of the body such as arms, legs, butt, abs, cardio and muscle building. Exercise times max out at 90 seconds per exercise and rest times max out at 30 seconds. In general, a routine should only take you ten minutes to complete and it is recommended to complete a routine daily.

You also have the ability to set reminders to start your exercise routines, chart your exercise progress and customize the appearance of the app.

In just the short time I have spent with Perfect Workout, it comes across as a capable, simple exercise app for our Windows Phone. The full body workout is enough to whip you into shape and the add-on packs are reasonably priced. Plus having the option to only download the routines you want is nice.

If you try Perfect Workout, let us know in the comments what you think of the Windows Phone app. Also, remember to review the app in the Windows Phone Store to give the developer some feedback on their efforts.

Download Perfect Workout for Windows Phone (Free w/in-app purchases)

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George Ponder

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  • I'll have to check this one out. Looks like a nice recommendation!
  • Hmmm. I'll have to check this out as well.
  • Couldn't find the app in the store via my phone.  Had to go through my desktop browser to get it.  Also doesnt allow to be installed on an SD card. WTF?
  • none of the Perfect Thumb apps install on SD card. but they are all pretty good.
  • This app is only 2Mb
  • Happy to see you here , your apps are incredible and nearly perfect ^.^ and please don't mind there will be some like him/her everytime
  • Same as #7 workout
  • Had to do a hard reset on my phone. Turns out #7 workout was removed from the store.
  • No, they are completely different!
  • Perfect Thumb is one of the more underrated developers for the WP platform. All of their apps are designed so wonderfully.
  • Yeah
    They are too underrated
    All their apps are topnotch, I use about 6 or so.
  • i was just about to ask about the designer of this apps! 
  • Nice, simple and beautiful design. The 7 Minute Workout is free. Try it!
  • i use 7 munutes workout because it's universal! this one has a great feature which is the animations!
  • That fluidity!
  • BodBot is a decent app too. My favorite so far
  • Yup. Agreed. Bodbot service goes in depth with the fitness test and food tracking along with the exercises. The service also has integration with fitbit and Jawbone UP bands. I got the lifetime plus membership with $50 during its crowdfunding campaign. I might pick up a fitbit charge HR band soon.
  • I'll skip the workout apps and focus on the beer drinkin apps. 12oz Curls, 12 reps a day!
  • Get the untapped app. You'll have those biceps and forearms huge in no time!
  • Sweet might give it a try
  • This app is awesome. Just what I need. They've got my $5
  • Thanks for your support! In fact, you only spend $1.99 for Premium Pack. We're sale off on the occasion of product launches.
  • I don't understand why #7 workout was pulled down by the developers. It was a good fitness app. This seems to be a similar one. Will definitely try this. Creating our own workout is a good feature.