Here's how to get the Intel RealSense camera to wake from Sleep for Windows Hello

With the latest builds of Windows 10 for PCs, users have finally been able to use the Intel / Creative F200 RealSense developer camera for Windows Hello. The $99 gizmo packs three cameras including one for 3D, infrared and RGB letting users unlock their home computers with just a glance.

Since our post went up last week many of us have ordered – and now received – our RealSense cameras. Once you download the Intel RealSense Depth Camera Manager (DCM), you can have Windows Hello up and running in just minutes. For many of us, Windows Hello is working exceptionally well with less than a second recognition times.

There is one quirk many of us have experienced, though: the RealSense camera does not power back on when a PC comes out of sleep. That leaves just the initial boot and manually locking (Win + L) as options.

Obviously this is a bug in the current drivers for the F200 camera as Windows Hello is meant to work every time regardless of the method by which the computer powers back on. I assumed that the when the computer went to sleep the power cutting off to the USB port also put the camera to sleep and indeed, this is the case. Luckily there is an easy fix.

Fix to keep RealSense Camera enabled after Sleep Mode

  1. Go to Device Manager (Type 'Device Manager' into Cortana or right click on the Windows key)
  2. Scroll down to Universal Serial Bus Controllers
  3. Pick appropriate 'Generic USB Hub'
  4. Select the Power Management tab to the right
  5. Uncheck 'Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power'
  6. Hit Ok

Now, whenever the computer goes into sleep mode, the RealSense camera will wake up too when on the login screen. The camera does not stay on as evidenced by the green power light being off during sleep. Instead, this trick just allows the camera to wake quickly up from an off state.

One issue you may have is in regards to which port your camera is on when choosing it under the Device Manager. If you want to conserve power, you will need to try one by one until you get the desired result. The lazy way would be just to enable all the USB ports to not power down when in Sleep mode.

For now, I can say that my Dell XPS 27 now turns the camera on when the display turns back on making Windows Hello an instant login choice, as it should.

I suspect Intel or Microsoft will deliver some updates soon to fix this somewhat trivial issue. However, for now, if you are a lucky owner of the F200 you can now have it work the way you need it to 100% of the time.

For more information on the Intel F200 developer camera, head to Intel's F200 site for details and ordering information. Remember, you do need a 4th generation Intel processor (or later) to use the camera and at least Windows 10 build 10240.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • BTW Windows Hello is cool as hell. Make sure to look for a RealSense camera on your next PC or laptop as once you use one, hard to go back.
  • No RealSense cam here with me.. But have a fingerprint scanner and works perfectly :).. Still, I'd love to have a RealSense cam though ;) ( New Dell XPS 13 touch with RealSense cam and windows 10 = my next device ) B-)
  • I'm curious about the Scanning abililty of the camera.  Any chance of a review sometime as these cameras are more than just a log in device? Would love to know how accurate/well defined a small/large scanned object is. Thanks!
  • Makes me wish I didn't put an AMD CPU in my PC. Guess it's time for an upgrade.
  • The camera is standalone, it doesn't matter what the architecture of your computer is.
  • "you do need a 4th generation Intel processor (or later) to use the camera and at least Windows 10 build 10240." Taken right from the article
  • I will be waiting for their pathetic explanation about this requirement, and the subsequent workaround for running it even on your PowerPC iMac
  • Yeah, I doubt we're going to see that. You DO realize this is a developers kit right? Not necessarily meant for the general consumer.
  • You can't figure out why INTEL REALSENSE requires an Intel chip?  Seriously?
  • SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Ports: USB 3.0 Supported CPUs: 4th generation (or later) Intel® Core™ processor Supported Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 8.1* (or later) (64-bit)   AND taken from the website where you can buy the camera
  • @Daniel I know it's a cool feature and it's the fastest login you can imagine of.. But , I wanna know how Windows Hello is going to add a significant improvement in security? If somebody has our password still can access our device by just skipping the face recognition and going for typing password ..what's your thought about it? :)
  • Now you can set a much longer and impossible to remember password because you don't have to remember it to use your computer. That's how it improves security.
  • This is a terrible idea. What happens when the camera doesn't work? You're screwed.
  • Exactly
  • It's actually a great idea. Just because you use the camera doesn't prevent you from using the password as well. The Hello mechanism is in addition to your password. he idea is that most people avoid using a more secure password because it's too much of a pain to remember and use. With Windows Hello, you could create a very secure password but use the camera to easily log you in. If the camera didn't work for some reason, you'd still be able to log in with the password. I believe I also recall reading at one point that Windows 10 would be moving over to Private/Public Key based around Hello for online authentication.
  • I agree till some extent.. But we will be logging in using MSA... And setting a longer and impossible to remember password will be not practical if someone have to login to his/her Outlook/Live account several times a day using different PCs..
  • This is why the phone will act as the central authentication token with face recognition. They even said the phone will be used to unlock xbox for example. And you can argue but what if. But security is changing. You need to be mindful of it. That means having your phone with you. Keeping it charged. If you can't do that, then you don't care about security.
  • I'm pretty sure a pin is required as the fallback sign in option so you don't use the MSA password.
  • 3 factor authentication, password, IRIS and RSA key! or 4 with finger print!
  • What about fingerprint scanner?
  • It's already supported in previous builds... Using it in my Lenovo Thinkpad Edge since few weeks and works flawlessly.. :)
  • you should write about USB fingerprint readers , they are the cheapest way to get windows hello
  • You are right .. But for me fingerprint scanner is not a Windows Hello feature.. It's just another way of logging in.. But being cheap.. Fingerprint scanner is much more reliable for budget users
  • Hell is HOT as Hell, not cool... hmmm did I miss something?
  • I can't beleive the Kinect V2 isn't a Windows Hello device :( Have one sitting on my PC waiting for win10, all it'll be good for is Cortana, if it ever makes it out of the launch 7 markets.
  • Wondering the distance it will work. I want to place one on top of my tv and I'd be sitting 5-6 feet away
  • Realsense operational range is shorter I suppose....
  • How about a MobileNations discount for the camera for the community, Daniel? ;)
  • I do not picture hell being very cool... So I'm left guessing that Hello Windows is similar to hell? Sounds about right.
  • I got the new SR300 camera, and when it works it's amazing!  I just sit down and it logs in.  Very rarely is there any delay and it even works in a pitch black room.  Really incredible tech!  I also have the fingerprint keyboard for my it!  But the camera is next level stuff.
  • Does kinect for pc support it?
  • Unfortunately Nope..
  • I think it's kind of weird, that it doesn't work... Because I think a kinect for xbox 360 + pc adapter is the same thing as realsense...
  • I have read about it somewhere and it says there is something missing in Kinect which is mandatory for Windows Hello.. I think that something is Infrared sensor.. Not sure though
  • kinect 2.0 for window has everything the realsence camera has but more, so yes it is odd that the kinect 2.0 cant do it
  • Kinect 2.0 has a minimum distance to work...
  • Kinect 2.0 is like realsense XL if you look at the specs, the xbox one can log you in by observing your bone composition if I remember correctly
  • Looking at the price, it will cost me $122 here in montreal...not bad!!! I guess ill hit this one as an addition to my pc. This one looks awesome!
  • I'm curious as to any mobile version of this technology - for tablets and smartphones. Does it exist and has anybody shown it, or is it all rumors at this point? Or will the mobile versions will only be an iris scanner (purportedly less complex than the 3 camera setup)?
  • Iris scanner in both high-end Lumias are confirmed by Daniel already.. :)
  • Better be fast I won't put my face to my phone and wait 30 sec.
  • If this feature is that neat, why Microsoft won't take advantage and integrate into their own payment methods
  • Who knows.. They may be working on it already.. Or may be they don't.. Give some time.. It's just the version 1 we are seeing..
  • Well the original Hello announcement video stated that it would be a global authentication method, effectively a password manager for all your services that automatically logs you in whenever you're in front of the screen. So I'd say that payment would be a natural extension of that.
  • May be.. I wonder how that's gonna work in real time.. Windows Hello has real potential.. Consider an IoT with Windows 10 and is being used for home security.. And When you step in front of your door.. Windows Hello recognize you .. TaDa.. Door opens.. Consider it as a keyless entry ;)
  • Because payment methods involves working with banks and other credit companies so it would take much longer just to negotiate the deal.  They are probably doing it, but it's not really in the interest of banks and credit companies to do it as they may want to be in the game themselves or that other companies (eg Apple) has their foot in already.
  • Couldn't you just use the 'view device by connection' to identify the correct USB port?
  • Yes, you could ... not many people know about that option I guess.
  • I couldn't find it that way...I thought the same but the camera doesn't list as related to a port. What am I doing wrong?
  • By 4th Gen Intel processor do you mean a Haswell chip or greater?
  • I'd be interested to know how well it works when not mounted on your screen. I use a MBP at work which is docked when at my desk but I often undock and would rather not have to move the camera every time.
  • Nice but I don't intend to ever use Windows Hello. It's funny. Google bought Nest and everyone was freaking out "uhh Google will now monitor you at home bla bla bla". Yet Microsoft launches a service that conscists in having a camera permanently watching you and recognizing your face and everyone thinks it's really cool.   I for once will never allow Microsoft (or any other company) have constant access to a camera in my home. There's just so much I tolerate of these companies violating my privacy. A camera always watching is way too much.
  • Yet you trust your money and bank accounts over the wire. You should be writing checks and maintaining a passbook.
  • Banks in Europe are heavily regulated and controlled. If someone steals from my accounts and I respected all the security measures we are required to follow (which is hard not to) the Banks are responsible. Besides, Banks don't get a livestream-point of access into my home.
  • I think you should cover your smartphone camera with a bubble gum as well.. ( and I hope you are not using any kind of web cams in your home.. Otherwise trust me.. MS was spying you all these years for sure )
  • Those cameras aren't constantly running unless you hack them to. Windows Hello cameras need to so they can detect when you get in front of the computer to unlock it automatically. Also...have fun watching the inside of my pockets (actually, in my case, it's likely they'd even be watching the camera of another phone as I normally carry more than one lol).
  • :D Well.. You can always turn it off if you are using it in PC you know... And do you really think that MS will keep an eye on you? Watching you eating Doritos?.. I strictly doubt that.. :p ...
  • I use a self-build PC and I have no intention of buying a laptop or another Surface to replace the SP3. So the only way Windows Hello would enter my home would be through me buying a camera like this. Which I won't of course. Also, it's not what Microsoft (or any other company) would do. It's about what they COULD do because I mindlessly allowed them to. I simply don't trust them that much. It's like pointing a gun to your head and trust that no one will pass by and pull the trigger.    (Post scriptum - I loath Doritos. They're disgusting. Actually, all those fried things give me nausea :P So they'd never watch me eat that lol)
  • Lol ... The example you gave was really awesome.. Gun and trigger.. Lemme tell you.. No matter you are using it or not.. If Any company wants to spy on you.. They will.. But if everybody start thinking about it like you.. CCTV cams will be banned within some years.. :D
    ( Ps - same here.. No love for Doritos.. But other fried things?.. Hell yeah ;) )
  • CCTV are in public places. I'm all in favour of heavy monitorization by the authorities in public spaces. Inside my house, on the other hand, no. Of course if a company wants to spy on me, they can manage it. But they'll only be able to do it within the space I actually allowed them to be able to do.
  • @DJCBS Honestly, I blame a bit of myself here for your ignorance on this matter - and that is what this is, ignorance. Images/data from the camera/Windows Hello are stored locally on your computer, heavily encrypted and it cannot be reversed engineered. They are not stored by Microsoft in the cloud or any server. This is why you need to configure Windows Hello + Camera for each PC and is not a universal login across devices. With one click, you can just wipe the data out from your PC.
    "Windows Hello cameras need to so they can detect when you get in front of the computer to unlock it automatically."
    The camera only comes on for the Login screen, nothing else, so no they are not running constantly, which would be stupid and pointless. You can easily tell when the F200 comes on through the green LED light. Devices like Lenovo and Samsung laptops have an added security feature that allows you to disable the camera and mic for enterprise usage. Finally, Windows 10 has an access feature for the camera and specific apps, which lets you control permissions.
  • Hmm interesting. Pity that message is not at all being relayed to consumers. So Microsoft can't access any of the data, is that it? Not even through the same port they now have to update Windows remotely?   As for it not being reverse-engineered...well, for now. Still, it's not as bad. On the other hand, in that case these Windows Hello cameras work like the other webcams, is that correct? Or do they only work for Windows Hello, period? I'm thinking in the scenario of, being like a webcam, it being hack-able like webcams are.
  • I mean, it's still new but yeah, we were briefed about the details just last week so it's very new. There aren't too many devices with RealSense and Windows 10 isn't here yet so they still have time to correct the messaging. Actually, all pro reviews from publications will know this, so you should see it mentioned in pro reviews (if not they're bad at their job as MS explained to everyone). Re: reverse engineer, obviously above my pay grade but MS was confident that the way the data is stored on the PC, you cannot steal it, rebuild it and use it to login to other computers, etc. RealSense cameras can act as regular web cams. Webcams are hackable, but like I said, Lenovo and Samsung business devices have ways to deactivate them ATB in the OS through the Bios. Nothing is 100% but hey, if you're that concerned, some black tape goes a long way ;)
  • Being hackable or not is something to be debated.. Let's hope it wont
  • Oh it's very possible to reverse engineer. Don't worry, launch keys aren't going to be replaced by Windows Hello. It behaves as an ordinary webcam on Skype, etc. You should wait for a cheap model if you don't want to spend $99
  • What's stopping the NSA or (anyone for that matter) from developing a passthrough that attaches between a PC and the camera? Nothing As long as a bunch of interns aren't seen hacking one I'm sold
  • @DJCBS ... Now what ? :D ...
  • Not as bad. Still not buying though. I didn't buy the Kinect-ed Xbox One for the same reasons. I don't like cameras inside the house with wide views of the interior. Even if they just store the data locally.
  • Everybody has their own view points... Agreed
  • If you are that afraid of being watched, camera is the last thing that you need to worry about.  Maybe you should cut off the internet entirely.  You should also cut off cable TV or even phone line, cell phone ... etc ...  Look up the sky.  There are many things up there to monitor your every step as well ... lol ...
  • Technically you could say that about any device that had a camera and online capability so if you have any laptops, computers, webcams, smartphones etc. I'd gather them all and put them in a box to toss out. I can help you with that, just let me know and I'll send you my address to help you discard them and keep yourself private :)   Just because there is a camera scanning for authentication, doesn't mean it's recording or passing information to Microsoft the way you may think it is....    
  • I Hate to advise you this , a well known fact that papers in UK have provided, Google already have installed web cam recording software into the chrome browser. here is the link:
  • One should always read the Daily Mail with a pack of salt. At any rate, I don't have my webcame connected to my PC and I don't use voice controls. I think it's just silly to be yelling at a computer/phone =P
  • It's easy to prove by monitoring outgoing traffic though. Chrome does weird calls to check for webcam-hosts at complete random.
  • @DJCBS.
    As amusing I found your some of your comments to be, I've got three questions for you :P. 1)when you charge your phones aren't the camera's "exposed to the interior" or you charge them in a closed container like a drawer? 2)you don't just carry your phones in your pockets and never use them, right? Some food for thought :).
  • I love reading posts from you tin foil hat wearers. Somehow I feel like you're also the type of person that clicks 'I Agree' without reading the privacy policy then complains about your privacy being violated. Plus, there is a big difference between Google and Microsoft - one is an advertisement company and the other is not.
  • Aren't you an Android-user? Then Google (another company) has constant access to atleast two cameras in your home.
  • hahahaha I do not know why people are so annoyed by that. I'll just say that Microsoft, Google or whatever are doing just one thing by spying through my cameras:   Wasting their time!   I have nothing to hide and nobody will get precious information with that. We just get ONE life in this planet, so...
  • i just realised i cant get it unless i buy a new MB and an Intel CPU for my pc, it can wait
  • Get a fingerprint scanner till then.. Cheap and does the job.. :)
  • So I'm curious.. If RealSense requires an Intel CPU.. How will Win10 Mobile get around this with a Snapdragon CPU?
  • W10M won't be having a RealSense ... The upcoming high-end devices will be equipped with Iris Scanner.. And we are yet to hear anything about it.. And there are some plans of Intel based phones for next year.. If the size of this RealSense cam reduces in next year .. We may be able to see a phone with Windows Hello for sure.. :)
  •  Iris Scanner is part of Windows Hello.
  • Agreed.. But as for now RealSense cam is the real Windows Hello.. Fingerprint scanner is also a part of Windows Hello.. But I dont wanna consider it as Windows Hello.. It's something more than that at least for me :).. My personal thoughts.. That's all
  • Iris scanners are different, that's how.
  • Doesn't need Intel's implementation, just something similar. Microsoft has similar technology in their kinnect and there were rumors for the longest time of them scaling it into a phone.
  • I gotta give maaaaaaad props to YASAR HARAFATH for answering nearly every comment someone in here posted. I SALUTE YOU, mate!!! ...Crazy Good Work... :) ;)
  • A simple way to kill time :P ... Thank you :)
  • Security? Lol, depends on which side of the fence you are on ;)
  • Can the RealSense Cam also be used as a webcam?
  • Yup
  • yes - the only issue with it is that on some flash (yes sorry folks) websites that make use of the camera  - it defaults to the IR camera and you cannot change it to the normal one 
  • what do you mean by 4th generation processor? - Core i5? or something different?   I'm pretty sure my CPU is not a 4th Gen one, and i've had the Realsense camera working just fine in windows 8 - so I am curious as to why we think it needs a 4th gen Haswell one.
  • What is your CPU model number? Mine for example is Intel i7 4930k in my desktop or Intel i7 4650U in my Surface Pro 3. Basically if the model number is 4XXX or 5XXX then you're good to go.
  • nope - I was just able to check - its an i5-3570k - i've had the whole realsense thing working just fine in windows 8.1 with this CPU - camera detects, Devkit installed. i was able to use that virtual music app they have on the demo site and the one that can 3d-print you on a princess!    
  • Surface Pro 4 :)
  • 3rd generation Intel...
  •  ok just confirned it works fine on my intel i5-3570k cpu and ASrock Extreme Z77 motherboard using a USB3 connection to the camera - so I don't know why there is a 4th Gen requirement to use this - at least not on my computer - your mileage might vary - I saw some talk on some intel forums that it might be more depended on what USB controller you have in your system - but don't take that as the truth, which is a a relief, because I really didn't fancy buying a new motherboard and CPU and likely having to go down the whole telephone activation route on my desktop just to make this work  
  • any other cheaper option?
  • Well for me the $99  F200 webcam seems to work just fine - that's about an average price for a decent HD webcam these days 
  • So it wont work with 3rd Gen Intel processors?? :-( that's bad news :-/
  • It worked just fine with my 3rd Gen i5 - and I've seen posts where it even works with gen #2   I think that might be a development requirement - not a hard requirement - Intel seems to be very vague - they say that they only 'guarantee' it working 100% on gen #4 CPU    I've also seen posts on an intel Realsense forum that hint that it's more dependent on your USB 3.0 chipset - you defnitely need USB 3.0 to make it work    
  • Well, I have a USB 3.0 on my XPS 13 (older version). But tagging along a separate piece of hardware just so I can unlock Windows with my face, doesn't sound very wise :D It would be much more useful for Desktops though.
  • Agreed - it's defnitely geared towards a desktop user.
  • What's to keep someone from unlocking your device while you're asleep?
  • Wouldn't they need to drag you over to the camera?. I suppose in a laptop you just need to move it over. If it scans you with your eyes open, they'd probably need them to be open to then unlock it later though
  • How good is the camera as a webcam? As good as a C920?
  • I would say yes, owning both devices - the only issue I ever ran into it as a webcam in websites using flash .. (apologies for the language!) - Flash seems to default to the IR camera and you cannot change it - more of a flash issue than a camera one though
  • Where in Europe can I get it?
  • I've done this for every USB device in the list and it still won't wake after sleep, as a matter of fact, if my computer goes to sleep I have to actually restart for it to work again.