Get a jump on the job hunt with getHired, this week's Windows Phone myAppFree deal

If you are job hunting, getHired is an app hoping to help you find opportunities from the comfort of your Windows Phone. getHired is a search engine that taps into eight job opportunity sources that spans more than sixty countries.

Think of getHired as a huge Help Wanted section of your local newspaper. In just tinkering with the app for a short time, it comes across as a nice resource for those in search of employment. It is also this week's myAppFree deal.

getHired has a simple interface with a search engine that taps into eight different job search engines that includes Indeed, CareerJet, JuJu, LinkUp, SimplyHired, CareerBuilder, JobServe and


Key features of getHired include:

  • Search results from multiple engines displayed in one consolidated view
  • Live Tile support to pin search results, job summaries and recent searches to your Start Screen
  • Recent searches are saved and displayed for quick review and access
  • Job results can be tagged as favorites to create a short list of opportunities
  • Job opportunities can be shared via email or SMS

If you are out of work and looking for a job or simply looking for a better job opportunity, getHired can be a handy Windows Phone app to get you headed in the right direction.

The app normally goes for .99 cents but you can pick getHired free through the myAppFree deal. Let us know what you think of getHired in the comments below and remember if you enjoy the game please leave a review for the developer. Constructive reviews and ratings help with Store rankings and visibility for devs!

  • getHired - Windows Phone 8.x and 7.x devices - 1MB - Free - Store Link

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  • Considering I'm looking for work this is one of my go to apps.
  • Never heard of it but installing it now, as Friday is the day I'll be getting laid off.
  • It's always been free on Android...same results, but windows has a nicer interface. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Give it a try and let us know how you like it.
  • Too bad it can't do anything about every employer requiring experience. Whatever happened to just training people and giving them a chance?
  • Exactly
  • I see this doesn't just happen in my corner of the world.  Shame really.  Stupid thing is they'll train you regardless.
  • The recession happened... Employers think someone with a masters degree is better at fixing air conditioning units than someone with 20 years experience fixing air conditioning units.... Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • It's the other way around or both.
  • How does this app compare to Job Lens??
  • Job Lens is an  excellent app but I believe it provides results only from getHired consolidates jobs from numerous job search engines. Give it a try.
  • Why do the windows phone central articles always call the myappfree apps weekly? They change daily...
  • WP central only posts an article about one of them per week so even though myappfree is daily, the associated articles are weekly.
  • @thekinghippo Exactly!
  • That makes zero sense. The title says "this weeks myappfree deal" So if tomorrow, lets say a very popular paid app was the daily myappfree, Windows Pone Central would ignore it because they already posed Ione this week? Again, that doesn't make sense. All the author has to do is replace weekly with daily.
  • Got my current job through a posting I first noticed via this app.
  • Glad that you found your current job using getHired.
  • Didn't expect this to work in my region but it did. Cool!
  • Please make promegle free for a day