Get Pixar's classic movie Monsters Inc for free with your Microsoft Account

From now until September 7, you can link your Microsoft Account to the Disney Play Anywhere service and get a free copy of Pixar's classic animated movie Monsters Inc.

Monsters Inc

In case you are unfamiliar with Disney Play Anywhere, it allows people to purchase digital movies from the studio, or redeem codes for those films in DVD or Blu-Ray discs. Those movies can be accessed on many devices and services, including Microsoft's Movies & TV store.

Microsoft's blog states that once a person links their Microsoft account with Disney Play Anywhere, they will be able to claim their free digital copy of Monsters Inc from Movies & TV, and play it on any device that supports it, from a Windows 10 laptop to a Windows Phone device to an Xbox One console. The 2001 film about monsters who work to power their city with the screams of little children, is certainly one of the best from Pixer's lineup of movies.

John Callaham