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Get Windows 10 app adds a countdown to July 29 deadline for free upgrade

Windows 7 and 8.1 PC users should now be seeing a countdown clock when they bring up the Get Windows 10 app. It shows exactly how much time is left to get the free upgrade to the OS before Microsoft's offer expires on July 29.

The countdown (via Neowin) appears to be based on the local time of the PC. It's yet another reminder for most consumers who still use Windows 7 and 8.1 PCs that they have less than 10 days to download and install Windows 10 for free. After that, Microsoft will make Windows 10 Home available for $119. There will be at least one exception for this deadline. Microsoft has already revealed that PC users that require assistive technology will get an extension for the free Windows 10 deadline.

  • I thought even after july 29, MS was going to keep win10 for free.
  • I don't think the OEM's would like that.
  • If you have already upgraded then it will remain free.  This is only for the people that haven't upgraded yet.
  • I have a feeling in the coming months or years Win10 will be like Office365 and you have to pay a subscription to use it and get updates. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Not sure what made you think that. While Microsoft's messaging can sometimes be a little unclear, this is one area they have been particularly clear and consistent about throughout the last year. The upgrade will be free if you upgrade within the first year (for the editions that qualify... i.e. from 7 and 8 Home to 10 Home and from 7 and 8 Pro and Ultimate to 10 Pro... Enterprise upgrades occur through the usual volume license channels). If you wait until after the first year, then you'll have to pay to upgrade.
  • They could have gotten more upgrades by adding placeholders to onedrive rather than adding a countdown.
  • You are over estimating how many regular people even know about placeholders and how many tech enthusiasts are willing to pass over the upgrade, especially now that there's a decent UWP app for OneDrive.
  • It's not an over-estimation. I got many people to switch to windows 8.1 specifically because of placeholders and all of them have refused to switch to 10 because it's not there. When I told them about the UWP they still passed. Because UWP doesn't solve anything. For example:
    I have a 1.2GB Documents folder which i don't want to sync but there are documents in that folder that i'm currently working on. With placeholders i could have just marked those file for offline usage and they would sync. But in windows 10. I will either have to move them to another folder that I sync completely or use the uwp to download those files and upload them again everytime I need them. Basically saying that the UWP app is a good replacement for placeholders is completely wrong. It might serve your needs but it adds useless complications for me and my friends.
  • I don't know. It's not that hugely complicated and seems silly to pass over an upgrade that will cease to be free in 10 days. While I liked placeholders, I like saving $119 more and I have a specific folder set aside in my OneDrive Documents folder for whatever I happen to be working on and I only sync that one to my PC. It's an extra step but hardly system breaking. However, to each his own.
  • I know it's not system breaking or complicating but it's a huge pain to do it for every file.
  • I just stop using it altogether after going to Windows 10.
  • Placeholders no longer matter. As of v17.10.1 you can view all files without having to download them first. This applies to OneDrive on W10 and W10M.
  • It's not about viewing. It's about syncing specific files only in a folder without having to sync the entire folder.
  • Hmmm
  • Well no one can complain they didn't know they could upgrade for free before July 29, 2016. Though I'm sure there will be some that will.
  • They will complain anyway. August 1 the news sites (not this one, ones like Engadget, Verge, etc.) will spin it into an article about how Microsoft doesn't care about their customers, how people were not adequately informed, what about all those people who wanted to upgrade but didn't know how, what about those people who want to upgrade but cannot afford it, this is just a ploy to get more money from people, they can update their Mac to the latest OS why not Windows, and every other thing they can think of to attack Microsoft.
  • No one will complain. If they havent heard about the free upgrade by now they likely still wont know about it after it expires, everyone else would have heard about it and upgraded if they wanted to. Time to stop spinning this as some ridiculous plot to rain complaints against Microsoft.
  • "Time to stop spinning this as some ridiculous plot to rain complaints against Microsoft." You and the media spun displaying the dialog into a ridiculous plot to rain complaints against Microsoft, so why not spin this? I get a daily message on my iPad and my iPod Touch telling me to upgrade. There is no way to hide that dialog, there is no way to say I don't want to upgrade, just more information, upgrade now, upgrade later. Every day, usually while I am in a Skype call or playing some game it suspends and puts up a dialog that I must dismiss because it takes over and will not let me do anything other than interact with that dialog. And the response from the media - nothing. Not one damn word about it. But Microsoft puts up a dialog that you can permanently turn off, well that will not do, it is some grand conspiracy to trick the hapless user who is forced into the Microsoft world because of Microsoft's draconian policies and monopolistic practices. The media's silence on Apple and constant attacks on Microsoft show that they will spin anything to try to help Apple succeed in any way they can.
  • The Final Countdown
  • I feel like microwaving a burrito right now.
  • HTPC stays on 8.1
  • Just pulled one out of storage. Win7 Ultimate x64. Spent over $5G building it back in the day. AMD FX-55, 2GB RAM, Sapphire Toxic AMD HD4850, CoolerMaster WaveMaster case. Hadn't been booted up for 1131 days. Had custom timings setup for RAM lost with the CMOS battery but just gonna let it run at defaults for now. It was already partitioned dual-boot with Win8 so I just wiped that and cloned Win7 to it; and, now upgrading the original copy. Have several more to go.
  • Bummer. CPU not supported. On to the next one!
  • 9 days until Windows10 is no longer Free.   Supposedly if you are upgrading hardware and you have a valid licence you don't need to pay for an upgrade.
  • Hurry up and come and go already. I'm tired of the constant begging for me to upgrade. I love Windows 8. My Surface Pro would suck without a proper tablet mode.