GitHub now supports uploading videos from Windows 10, iOS, and Android

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What you need to know

  • GitHub now supports uploading videos in issues, pull requests, discussions, and more.
  • The ability to upload videos makes it easier to show how to reproduce a bug or to show how a feature could look.
  • You can also upload videos to GitHub from iOS and Android devices.

Microsoft's GitHub now supports uploading videos. The ability to upload videos makes it much easier for developers to show how to reproduce a bug, to showcase a new feature, and to provide context for people that they're working with. The feature entered beta testing in December 2020 and is now generally available. GitHub's Lauren Brose explains the benefit of using videos in a recent blog post.

Describing a bug with only words can make it difficult to replicate. Uploading a video showing how to make a bug occur can streamline the collaboration process. Videos should reduce the amount of back and forth required to make sure a bug is reproduced correctly. Brose explains, "By enabling users to upload videos, we've seen the ability to visually reproduce the way in which a collaborator came across a bug significantly decrease the time spent for a maintainer to try and reproduce from text."

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Developers can also use videos to provide walkthroughs, demos of functionality, and provide context for more complex code changes. Video support on GitHub also makes it easier to showcase prototypes for new features.

Source: GitHub (Image credit: Source: GitHub)

GitHub supports uploading videos from its desktop applications as well as its mobile apps on iOS and Android. The ability to upload videos from mobile devices improves the experience for mobile developers who record bugs and issues on their phones.

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