We heard rumblings that the some Lumia 900s are shipping with an earlier firmware than the data-fix one pushed out last Friday. Our Glossy-White Lumia 900 came with a green-dot on the box, meaning it should be "ok" for data usage. But a quick glance of the firmware and we noticed a discrepancy: it was 2175.1000.8112.12082.

That's the old firmware. The one that had a memory issue causing errant data connections with the Lumia 900.

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Indeed, when we plugged into our trusty Zune Desktop we were quickly prompted that an update was available. A quick 10 minutes later and we were on the latest firmware with the important data fix on board which is 2175.1002.8112.12084.


So take heed everyone, don't trust the green dot on the box. Double check your firmware and make sure you sync up with Zune to see if there's an update, otherwise you're likely to have problems.