GOG Summer Sale

Purchasing games without any DRM protection and having the ability to play them wherever and whenever you want is a great feature of GOG. Things get even better when there's a sale on and the platform is currently rolling out the Summer 2017 PC game sale. What makes this promotion that little bit sweeter is the free copy of Rebel Galaxy that's handed out to everyone on their first purchase during the sale.

So just how many games are we talking about here? More than 1500 in total. Titles include:

GOG has made it easy to navigate through all the discounts by creating influencer and media collections for the biggest brands in the industry. You have until June 20 to take full advantage of the promotion so be sure to head to GOG and check it out!

As a side note, CD Projekt is revamping GOG Connect — the service that allows for you to connect your Steam account and transfer any supported titles over to GOG — allowing the redemption of more than 40 games.

Visit GOG to check out the Summer Sale!

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