Google Pixel update addresses Microsoft Teams 911 blockage situation

Microsoft Teams Android Install Store
Microsoft Teams Android Install Store (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Teams and Android had a bit of an incompatibility issue recently that put some users at risk of being unable to make 911 calls.
  • Both companies made it clear they were working to resolve the problem in a timely manner.
  • Now, January 2022's Google Pixel update indirectly addresses that the issue has been handled.

Following a situation wherein certain Android users with Microsoft Teams wouldn't be able to make 911 calls, Google and Microsoft both made it clear they'd be handling the matter with haste. And now, said issue seems to be getting resolved on both fronts. Microsoft's updated Teams and Google has the situation under control.

As of the January 2022 Pixel update, Google states the issue is resolved in its network and telephony patch notes:

  • General fixes & improvements for network
  • Fix for issue preventing emergency calls in certain conditions while some third-party apps are installed

If you happen to own a Pixel device, you can check out the hyperlinked patch notes above to see the full lineup of what Google's doling out to users in January. But for those of you exclusively concerned with the 911 issue, know that Google's on top of it, even if the company neglects to directly reference the Microsoft Teams connection in its notes.

For those of you more concerned with the status of Android operations in general, you can check out Android Central's coverage of all related topics. Though, if Microsoft Teams or other Redmond-based apps get roped into the fold, expect us to be all over it.

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