Super Agent

Windows Phones are great for mobile gaming, especially when it comes to Xbox Live integration. There are thousands of titles available spanning a number of categories and myAppFree is partnering with some of the developers to make four popular games free this week – Second Chance Premium, Tim the Fox, Dengen Chronicles, Super Agent. Head past the break for details and store links.

Second Chance Premium

This game of games brings 32 mini-games of just 5 seconds each to your smartphone. With each game testing your mind and reflex skills, there's plenty of content for the price, which is free for today only. Perfect for when you only have a moment to space while waiting for public transport to arrive or to bypass the time while a loved one speaks on the phone (with someone else – we don't recommend ignoring partners).

QR: Second Chance Premium


Tim the Fox

Not only can adults enjoy games on their Windows Phones, but toddlers have a range of titles that help teach them basics in life before (or during) education. Time the Fox is one such game, which includes information on how to dress for the weather, distinguish edible and non-edible foods, count from one to ten and create awesome puzzles. It's a must-have for any youngling looking to make it big in life.

QR: Time the Fox


Dengen Chronicles

Those who enjoy card games with some fantasy elements should check out Dengen Chronicles. It's a mix of both strategy and role-playing genres, creating an enticing and addictive experience. Manga lovers will be able to rejoice at TCG and RPG elements being fused together. Players are tasked with picking a side (Ninja, Fantasy, Robot and School), creating a deck and start awesome fights. This week, the in-app purchase will be free.

QR: Dengen Chronicles


Super Agent

Previously known as Mossad, Super Agent is an interesting Windows Phone 8 title that incorporates your Windows Phone location services into an augmented reality spy game. Players are assigned various missions that are location based and essentially involve locating or hiding virtual items. How about it, agent?

QR: Super Agent


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