Every few months, Windows Central likes to run a tee-shirt campaign. Not only do we help deliver cool shirts for the fans, but it is an excellent way to help support our site!

The year was 1995. Javascript was just introduced, the number one song on the radio was Waterfalls by TLC and Bill Clinton was President of the United States. It was also the year of Windows 95 and most notably, the introduction of the Start menu. A critical point in computer software history, the Windows 95 launch event was a celebration unlike any other, set to the soundtrack of Start Me Up by The Rolling Stones. To help celebrate this iconic moment, we're pleased to offer this limited edition "Start Me Up" t-shirt.

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The design is intentionally vintage with an appearance you could only achieve by washing a t-shirt for over twenty years. You can order and receive this shirt in the span of a few weeks, far less than 20 years! And to boot, you'll be supporting the efforts of Windows Central.

The "Start Me Up" t-shirt is available in an array of sizes and styles. Use the drop down menu to reveal hoodies and t-shirt styles for women!

You can order the shirt worldwide right from teespring who also have an excellent return policy should anything not be up to snuff. Hit the link below to get started and, as always, thanks for your support!

See "Start Me Up" Vintage 95 shirt at Teespring