Grand Theft Auto Online Heists now available

The update will arrive as a free download for users on the Xbox 360, Xbox One as well as on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, but unfortunately for those who play on the computer the update won't come until April 14.

Heists are a new type of gameplay experience inside GTA Online – they are massive, multi-layered, 4-player co-operative missions that encourage players to work together and make the most of their individual strengths, and a team's level of communication and coordination can make or break each mission.

This update will bring five new heists to the game, as well as some new adversary modes, vehicles, challenges, weapons and other free mode activities. Be sure to check out the update today, and let us know what you think of the additions in the comments below.

Jared DiPane

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  • Someone give "that guy" a medal!
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  • And pc version keeps getting delayed :(
  • Guess I'm renewing my gold
  • Sick!! :-)
  • I dont know why but GTA games just arent exciting to me anymore. I played V and I liked it. But the whole open-world aspect got old
  • Agree to disagree
  • I thought the same until I started playing with my brothers online
  • It's because you grew up and got used to it. 5 or 10 years ago, playing GTA all day was the bomb. Nonetheless, I still enjoy it.
  • The only GTA game I had played before was China Town wars on Nintendo DS. I thought it was all right, but not amazing. But all I kept hearing was that GTA V was the "best game ever" and that I'd be a fool for not playing it. So, I bought it the day it came out on Xbox One and have hated it every time I play it. While I'm incredibly impressed with the attention to detail in the game, I find the actual gameplay itself intolerably tedious. The game started out as "go fetch this, avoid the cops, then wait for a new mission, drive around". Everyone said, "Oh, you haven't even gotten to the heists yet; you've got to do the heists! They're the best part!" So, I slugged my way through it and eventually got to the heists, disappointed to discover that they're the exact same tedious gameplay: "drive to this location and then steal this van, because we need a van, then avoid the cops + drive to this location and hijack this van because we need the stuff instide, then avoid the cops + drive to this jewelry store and press X to steal jewelry, then avoid the cops". Seriously? That's the game? I want my $60 back. To each their own, but I really don't get the almost universal love for this game. The driving controls are terrible, as are the shooting controls (and the absolute worst is when they try to make you drive and shoot at the same time, as if combining two terrible controls schemes would be a great idea), the side missions are somehow even more boring than the main game ("hey you are hallucinating now so kill these aliens"...Yay?)
  • Need anyone else to play with add me.. GT: Montpbm777
  • I liked it except it was boring after finishing the main quests or missions. Nothing really to do afterwards and that's the problem. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I couldn't agree more! Rockstar will never top Vice city or San Andreas, in my book. I remember playing those games like 10 years ago and I could literally play them for hours. Those games held their value even without multiplayer, or DLC, I still play vice city now and then. GTA V was good, but it quickly lost its luster, there are just so many games right now that I'd rather play.
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  • Totally 100% agree, fk options! /s
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  • "who cares". Is actually really disappointed.
  • This "master race" crap really needs to stop. It's so incredibly offensive to anyone who knows anything about human history. It trivializes genocide, at worst, and merely makes PC gamers look like a bunch of arrogant ignoramuses, at best.
  • You weren't alive when it happened so get over it?
  • That is such a naive and dangerous mindset. I also wasn't alive during times of slavery in the U.S., the genocide of Native Americans, or the incarceration of Japanese-Americans, so surely it's totally okay for me to pretend they never happened. My god, the Internet is causing me to lose faith in humanity. It's mind-boggling how much stupidity exists.
  • It's mind boggling how so many people think it's their job to keep reminding others of things that happened when neither party were even born. There was slaves? Big deal. The japs attacked us? Whoopty doo. If somehow you find PC Master Race offensive, then you need to put your big boy panties' on when you finally venture out from moms basement and into the real world.
  • "Japs"? You are despicable, ignorant, and offensive. Go seek professional counseling.
  • PizzaMasterRace
  • Now, that sounds like a race I'd like to be a part of. ;)
  • Still haven't got the update
  • GTA never appealed to me.. Don't know why though.
  • I played GTA before but now I'm not that attracted towards it.
  • Devil's game!
  • True, it's pretty rough, but better to act it out virtually than in real life
  • Yeah. Maybe.
  • It's digital entertainment. Not the way is life of all who play.
  • Tons of ski masks, a flare gun, and three new vehicles. No new legendary cars. Seems faster.
    Progressing through heists unlocks new cars. First heist unlocks armored Karan
  • What the hell are legendary cars?
  • Cars available on the legendary motorsport website aka super/sports
  • they still taking much time to release it for what gta is famous for. The PC.
  • Pretty nice so far, played for a bit last night before bed. Fyi the flare gun will burn you and blow up your car lmao
  • What's the size of the update for the X1 and 360? Will play later today on the 360 :D
  • It's for free;)
  • Obviously it's free. What's the size of the actual files, like, in gigabytes?
  • I think it was about 5 gig on 1, 2 gig on 360
  • Thanks!
  • 4.2 GB :(
  • It's less then 1.5gb on 360
  • Wait! Now I'll shoot your a$$
  • Not all that interested. I wont pay full price 2 years in a row for some extra content added on the same game that I already played.
  • That's how I felt when I upgraded to one but I just traded 360 games in and didn't pay a dime essentially for the upgrade.
  • You can get it on last gen machines as well. So no need to pay anything again.
  • "for those playing on the computer the update wont come untill April 14th" PC isn't out yet... Lol
  • Which is also the expected relase date of the the PC game, so therefore the update will be made available same day. Logical deduction is hard.
  • Assuming they ever release it. It's been delayed like 5 months since its original release date.
  • Have patience. Rockstar is the only company I trust in terms of quality when they delay stuff. Look at Max Payne 3. That game was supposed to come out in 2009, but in the end it became a 2012 release. Result? The best optimized PC port to date! If they want to do it right and need more time, give it to them and they'll deliver
  • Meh, you took too long rockstar, and you ruined GTA online with too many rules and restrictions. I don't care anymore, and the title that I waited years to play just sits there and collects dust.
  • Can't download the update on 360 initially, and when it did, it couldn't synchronize with the server. Game kept sending me back to single player mode.
  • GTA V is incredible. The First Person mode, when played correctly with good camera work is nothing short of ASTOUNDING! If you don't agree, in my opinion you simply aren't doing it right. You can't crash yourself full throttle from location to location. It takes finesse. Something most teenagers either don't have or refuse to accept. When done correctly nothing I've seen compares. With a bit of effort and practice it hits you all at once like the proverbial ton of bricks. It feels awkward and forced until suddenly it doesn't. If you get to experience what I'm talking about you will be blown away. Big 40" or larger TV at eye level is critical. Since discovering this I can't play anything else.